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Threatening you with glaucoma? Determine risk

Glaucoma (glaucoma) can cost you your eyesight. Therefore, it is good to know if you're not at greater risk than others. In other words - it pays to know the risk factors. It is also important to go to preventive eye examinations and already at the first eye problems immediately go to the doctor.

Ten risk factors glaucoma

The probability of developing glaucoma increases:
Advancing age. The incidence of glaucoma increases in people over 60 years.
Increased intraocular pressure. One of the major risk factors. Most patients with glaucoma exceeds the measured value of the intraocular pressure of 21 mmHg.
Occurrence in the family. The probability of developing glaucoma is higher among you, when this disease in your family has emerged, especially in parents or siblings. Especially the so-called. Open-angle glaucoma is no family quite often.
Injuries and eye surgery. Blunt injury to the eye , injuries in sports or repeated eye surgery can cause inflammation in the eyes of the exhaust system or damage to the eye. As a consequence of these handicapped people may be more prone to developing glaucoma.
Prolonged use of corticosteroids.
High myopia.
People suffering from long-sightedness are more prone to the occurrence of one form of glaucoma - narrow-angle glaucoma.
Other disorders. In particular, migraine, diabetes, low or conversely high blood pressure .
Lower corneal thickness. Glaucoma threatens people with central corneal thickness of less than 0.5 mm.
Race or ethnic group. Greater risk of glaucoma are Hispanics, Asians and blacks.

The best way to prevent glaucoma is to have regular eye checkups. Order, though he does not experience any difficulties. Just so you can catch glaucoma early and prevent irreversible damage.

If you have time to progress, it is important to use the prescribed medication exactly as prescribed. Very useful also to collect about glaucoma as much information from reputable web sites or manuals for use with patients.

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