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I am diabetic. It is better for me to walk or run?

For people with diabetes is a major move. Someone can withstand a higher load, such as kilometers traveled dozens of kilometers away, another can handle just walking sharper pace. Is not rate sporting loads in case of diabetics decisive?

According to an article published in 2013 in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology are walking and running at the same energy expenditure as well as the same effects on:
risk of high blood pressure and diabetes
and probably on the possible development of coronary heart disease.

The difference is not great

Regarding purely on energy expenditure, running is definitely more efficient.
Let's look closer at the numbers:
walking / running
energy burned during exercise (kcal / km) of 55.6 / 70.4
energy burned during exercise (kcal / min) 4.78 / 11.25
energy burned after exercise (kcal / km) of 13.6 / 28.8
total energy burned (kcal / km) of 69.2 / 99.2
total energy burned (kcal / min) 5.95 / 15.86

These calculations were created under specific conditions during a small experimental study, but have predictive value for us. The differences are there, especially when you take into account the energy you burn after exercise. You ask why you have to burn even after the procedure? Running as an intensive sports activity significantly increases the level of the basal metabolism. Therefore, you can continue to burn even after a stop. On the other hand, the difference is not so dramatic, you had to run to force. Especially if you're tired, very exhausted, or even hurt. I walk provides quality sports when it is long enough.

Mooching is nothing

Walking would like physical activity should choose mainly all those who have problems with joints.
Put moderately fast pace and keep it.
Just do not stop. To burn enough energy, you have to walk long stretch.
Measure the distance, determining goals, with over huge. Do your business trips or just for fun, but briskly!

For safe running

If you loved the course, the recommendations are as follows.
Prefer softer surface. Running along the sidewalk or road unnecessarily burdens the feet and joints.
Start slowly, do not rush. How are you getting into shape, you can gradually accelerate.
Get plenty of rest. Tired body needs rest, not to get tough workout.

It does not matter if you walk, klusáte, or running. It is important that your health you do what you can, and it's fun for you.

Source: Diary

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