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The exhibition "YMCA at your fingertips": still alive the principles of sport and youth;

Glorious sporting history and still live events at the YMCA will present an exhibition entitled "YMCA at your fingertips." This shows the YMCA as a friendly, helping hand and a generous open since the days of the First Republic to all children and young people who want to actively spend their free time.

YMCA stood among others at the birth and development of many new sports. With it came today so popular basketball. And just sport - like a common pastime, openness and fair competition in the spirit of fair play - are the main topics of exposure.

The exhibition in the ground floor of the Palace YMCA Na Porici 12 runs from 25 November to 31 January, will be open daily from 8 to 20 pm and admission is free.

At the exhibition opening on Thursday, November 24 will include sample games Kin-Ball with a giant balloon or velmíčem. Velmíč used "ymkaři" already in the 20s and 30s of the last century, when promote sport as a combination of physical fitness with mental virtues such as honesty, bravery and camaraderie. Kin-Ball will be played from 20 to 22 hours on the first floor of the Palace YMCA gym, which is so extraordinarily opens the general public. In the gym famous for its unique banked running track formerly coached by the legendary Czech gymnast Vera Čáslavská and Eva Bosáková. Now you will be able to play with the visitors themselves velmíčem also try: personally assist them in this will be a top-kin ballista and the young Czech representative Peter Linden, who will present the game with his teammates from the team of Hradec Kralove.

Strong "ymkařská" fiver

"The exhibition shows the varied activities of the oldest, largest and most widespread youth organization in the world. And if you stay with the metaphor of the open hand, focuses on its five fingers: five traditionally strongest areas in which stands out is the current Czech YMCA, "says Vladislav Vidláková the Prague headquarters of the YMCA. To these belong mainly by the fair and joy in the sport, traditional camps for children, The Sing - artistic leisure activities designed for teenagers, parent and family centers and low-threshold devices aimed at helping socially or economically disadvantaged children and young people.

The exhibition is installed in eight shop windows in the former Palace of passage YMCA offers besides written texts, and many charming, yet not exposed to the photo archive and the current affairs of the organization. A miss on it will not be rarities from private collections or archives, witnesses and also from the depositories of the National Museum.

At the exhibition next to the historic tools we should also find sports Ten Commandments - rules of good sport from 1923. It put the emphasis on a strong will, cooperation and respect for fair play.

Did you know ..?

YMCA (YoungMen's Christian Association) is the oldest and largest global youth organization in the world. It has 58 million members in 119 countries. In 1844, her friends in London founded by a young shop assistant George Williams, as he wanted to help young men to resist odlidštěnému environment of English cities. Organization stands on the Christian principles of mutual assistance, but it is open to all young people regardless of nationality or religion: the First Republic by us for its popular summer camps drove children from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox, Mormon or atheist families.

Unlike Falcon or Eagle, YMCA organizations operating around the world, its members still brings many exciting opportunities - educational programs, international camps and exchanges, often involving the possibility of volunteer work.

The development of the YMCA in Czechoslovakia in addition to TG Masaryk planted even Vaclav Havel Maria, father of former President Vaclav Havel. After the occupation of the organization was banned and many active members paid for their work life. After a promising post-war reconstruction followed the communist takeover, and another blow: in the 50s the organization was disbanded and its assets, including the generously built the Palace of the YMCA and many sports, then took over the Czechoslovak Union of Physical Education. Re-establishment of the YMCA in our country underwent in 1990, today has 25 branches and a little over three and a half thousand members.


"The Ten Commandments good sport" of 1923, whose author Hugh S. Fullerton:

First to give up.
The second not seek excuses for their mistakes.
3rd Thou shalt not magnify their victory.
You have sklesnouti fourth after losing.
Thou shalt not use a fifth unfairly benefits.
6th Do not ask conditions, which would itself be unable to accept.
7th Be always willing přenechati player to play in the shade.
8th Thou podceňovati rival, nor přeceňovati himself.
9th Remember, it is a struggle; who thinks otherwise is a wimp and not the sportsman.
10th Respect the game you're playing, because who lost honorably, prevailed even when losing.

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