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Before the flood. DiCaprio charmer convincing that global warming must be addressed immediately

In another attempt to inject into people's heads truth about the environmental state of our planet, currently coming two famous names: National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio. Quality and truthful information and the name of a popular celebrity. Altogether a good idea to create the document Before the flood, which should convince everyone that global warming is a reality.

DiCaprio was in September 2014 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Mune appointed Messenger of Peace of the United Nations with primary focus on the fight against global warming. Since then he collected interesting material full of understandable evidence of tristním state of our planet.

DiCaprio is active in environmental issues for many years, in 1998 established a foundation aimed at protecting the environment, in 2007 he made a documentary. "11 hour "on a similar theme. Use a famous actor for presenting important information about the state of the environment is a smart idea. Definitely has a chance to reach many more people than if the document performed by renowned experts, researchers and scientists. It's really sad, but it's just today we have. DiCaprio is a charmer, acting seriously, and his concern for the environment seems real open. And it works so that it just plays on us.

The document provides a total structured list of all the problem areas that humanity gradually decimates our planet. Fossil fuels, palm oil, livestock ... A lot of interesting shots. View of the lunar landscape in oil sands mining, fires in Sumatra, polluted Beijing. Everything precisely arranged, at each point in the statements of experts and those who live in the area and have problems with personal experience. Also, statements of politicians and the powerful who have a chance to change things. The emphasis on the political level of the problem is obvious. "Vote leader fighting for climate change."

In some parts of the document is to know that it is primarily directed at the American public. What is surprising is information that in the US there is a sizable group of influential people who called global warming a hoax. Explaining that for the whole of this anti-campaign there are people profiting from trade with fossil fuels, it is obvious. While there is therefore no less frightening. Refreshingly bold is publishing the names of companies that may be suspicious of this disgrace. Unfortunately, the warming deniers also figures Donald Trump, the newly elected US president. At this stage, the viewer falls oppressive skepticism, watching the apocalypse, which can hardly influence. In another passage again gainer breath, beef consumption, and hence climate change can affect each person individually. Likewise, the consumption of palm oil. "Changing consumption - what you buy, what you eat, how you get the energy?"

I especially appreciate in the document capture real and understandable evidence. We all know that the glaciers are melting. But it is just sort of an abstract concept, an empty concept. But when the polar researcher stretched rope, which corresponds to the depth of the ice melted in the past five years, you're surprised. "That many?" You will be amazed with DiCaprio. Likewise, if you see Indian farmers helplessly standing over totally flooded and destroyed the field with this year's harvest, which after days of complete drought rained all deductions for three months in one day. Or when a mother with children in Beijing goes to the backyard to feed cats and before that, the whole family puts respirators, because otherwise it would be at the chemical mist could přiotrávit. Easily fall into a depression.

From the perspective of a documentary authors created a perfect whole. Facts, arguments, impressive shots, the relationship between various phenomena. Mix between appealing to individuals and appealing to politicians. They tried to handle all major influences that cause climate change. Perhaps one of the problems the film is just that, all. 1:36 footage is suitable for gripping adventure film, but whether the document is in any way interesting, few people probably last until the very end. And even though it creators tried spice still one way. Interleave him excerpts from filming Revenand (Resurrection), for which DiCaprio in the Oscar this year. This insert has two levels. Refers to the story of head-hunters, who had two hundred years ago mindlessly kill animals without thinking of the future. And clearly illustrates how marginal things Western society contributes to the destruction of the planet. We need to shoot on the snow and the snow melted in the area? There is nothing easier than to sit down with the whole crew on the plane and reach a few thousand kilometers away. DiCaprio on himself shows how big the problem is our indulgence. He says, "We all benefit from fossil fuels. What would be the right thing to do? We all have a responsibility to lead by example. "



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