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The school, the basis of life? Not for everyone ...

You went to school like? Enjoyed you learning? Remember the school days with a smile on his face? It was a nice time? I would like to dedicate the following sentences in one of the major projects of the Centre for Dialogue and Adoption of African children at a distance.

When I was thinking about it all anyway, so I thought these questions. I thought for a moment about how my life would have looked like if I could go to school. If it was not obvious that my parents at the age of six officially sent to the first class and then at medium and high. We would be where we are now? The project Adoption of African Children distance actually originated from the basic needs of education, which should be a natural start to life for every young person, without distinction.

How does it begin?

The idea came to remotely support our colleagues in Africa. These are people who live on the ground, know the local conditions and people trust them. Now they collect children for adoption, checking documents, communicate with us and take care that everything worked. The fact that long-term cooperation really works is the result of human determination, will, hard work and enthusiasm of the visible results. I'm not talking about us, but about the people who want for their children a better future.

Why adopt?
Children who are placed in adoptive families, they come from very poor backgrounds. Often families do not even have money for food, let alone to be able to pay tuition and necessary school supplies. The children are often their family are relatives because his parents died and the children had nowhere to go. By being remotely adopt a child, more or less, put at least one person on Earth a chance at a good life. That's worth it, do not you think? Very often, people who were allowed education in adult returns to his native village and try their skills and knowledge to apply in the place where they grew up. It's amazing to watch these stories.

How much does it cost?

The annual amount to the adoption of a child in Guinea is CZK 7,500 and CZK 7,200 in Kenya. The amount you can pay a lump sum, or it can be divided into three parts. Of this money the child pays the school fees, school uniforms, utilities and health care possible. It often happens that a child adopts any group, and the total sum is then composed more people. The amount can also be deducted from the tax base by means of a donation agreement you have with us at the opening of adoptions signing.

What can you expect?

Me personally, it brings a feeling of inner satisfaction that helping someone to live the life they deserve. After the end of each trimester, looking forward to the letter, in which I watch with joy as in the past, a little girl turns into a lady with their own dreams and plans. It's worth it.

Author: Anna Happy

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