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Good communication with your doctor - the basis for successful treatment

Talk together and understand each other is the foundation of any good relationship. The same is true for the relationship between doctor and patient. The quality of communication and determines the success of treatment. Studies show that patients who appreciate the communication skills of doctors willing to cooperate better and taking medications.

Even the best drug in the world do nothing if one is not used as prescribed by your doctor. Called. nonadherence, therefore, to treat non-cooperation is yet increasingly frequent problem of modern medicine. Signs, for example to poorer results of treating individuals suffering from diabetes or other chronic diseases. According to a new study by the willingness of patients to follow your doctor's instructions could raise just good communication.

30% of patients not using medications as prescribed

Do said the study involved people who were taking medications to lower cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. They evaluated by questionnaires communication skills of their doctors. At the same time they had to admit how often forgot to come to the doctor for prescriptions to other drugs, or how late realizing it. The results confirmed expectations:
patients who rated their doctors low points with them and worked harder irregularly take medicine
30% of people involved in the study took medications differently than their doctor recommends.

Believe doctor, you will be healthier

If they want doctors to improve patient collaborate on treatment, they must work on communication. This will also improve patient outcomes. Patients from the study who felt that their doctor listens to and involves them in decisions about treatment, showed in comparison to other 4-6% lower reluctance (nonadherence) to cooperate. Confidence doctors thus motivates people to themselves and their health better care. What does this mean for patients? It pays to seek out and find an expert you can trust. Build a relationship with him, full of trust and openness. You'll be healthier.

Source: U lékař
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