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In southern Moravia discovered a rare winter birds: wall creeper and snow bunting

Ornithologists from the Czech Republic were eager to whether they will again this year in South Moravia very rare wall creeper and rarely in our wintering snow bunting. Both of these exceptional bird species in these days of great joy actually occurred. Inform the Moravian Ornithological Society.

"Wall creeper We do not nest, but only very rarely and sporadically winter. Its most common wintering area are limestone rock wall in the Palava Hills, but does not appear here every winter. It is a small singer who lives in high mountains of the Alps, the Carpathians and the Himalayas. Where join us for the winter arrives, however, remains a mystery, "he says at Moravian ornithological Society Jiri Safranek.

Wall creeper is as big as a sparrow, but differs from it long saber hooked beak, which uses a pair of tweezers for collecting insects from a narrow, rocky crevices. It has a gray-black color of the back and top of the head and tail black with a white band at the end. Black wings with white spots attract distinctive red field. Colorful, červenobíločerné coloration of the wings is visible only in flight and in search of food on the rock walls.

How does Zedníček, you can also look at the video channel Moravian Ornithological Society .

The second very rare winter guest in south Moravia is snow bunting, which comes to us arrive to the northern treeless tundra. "It is a small songbird reminiscent of finch, but unlike it's snowboots very bright. For males predominate white on the head, chest and belly. Significant white feathers in the wings and the tail is seen especially in flight, "says Jiri Safranek.

Snow bunting in recent years rarely appear on the rocky dikes in the lower dame tanks and this year there has been one ornithologists discovered. Last year there wintered whole hejnko and it is therefore possible that other. Since this is a small bird that is hidden in the low vegetation, easily escapes the attention of passers-by. For ornithologists and birders, it is a rarity, as they are willing to travel across the whole country, as in Zedníček rock.

In southern Moravia in those days they arrive wintering tens of thousands of Nordic geese field and běločelých. Their flocks may appear in our very rare Barnacle Goose, Red-necked or dark. South Moravia is why in recent years become very rare due to the occurrence of avian rarities goal expeditions bird watchers from all over the Czech Republic and occasionally abroad.

Snow bunting can be seen here.


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