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How to effectively utilize excess waste? From electro jewel, coffee grounds out of fuel ..

The reuse of waste, aiming mainly due to the growing need for environmental protection. Recycling is now generally supported the trend, and people are constantly looking for ways to both traditional and non-traditional way to utilize already unnecessary items and raw materials. New applications so there is wastewater from the brewery, coffee coffee grounds, cooler computers or plastic waste.

Waste water from the brewery can serve as the electrical energy

In the area of ​​food waste, Czechs unflattering among the European elite. According to the Food Bank in Prague with us every year, preferably more than 80 kilograms of food per person. Most in this direction sinning people aged 18 to 25 years. Wastage in gastrosféře affects not only the food that can find new jobs, for instance on the menu homeless people. Also, various waste materials that remain during food production can again be used effectively.

For example wastewater that is produced during the brewing process, can become a hearty battery status. US scientists had developed a clever method of producing graphite electrodes for lithium-ion batteries coming just from brewery wastewater. A similar experiment was conducted in Australia, where the same raw material combines with bacteria consuming sugar, starch and alcohol. With the chemical processes that take place inside, then there is electricity production.

Coffee coffee grounds is the basis of organic fuel

Utilization is currently unused even coffee. Coffee coffee grounds is one of the waste that is seemingly insignificant, but in fact it produces significant quantities. According server daily worldwide produces 12 million tons coffee waste. It was up 99.7% in coffee production turns organic waste. This waste can, however, be used as a biofuel. It contains a substantial amount of essential oil, which upon extraction can serve for the production of clean fuels without carbon footprint. Usage is also the waste generated in the production of olive oil. Researchers at the University of Granada therein have discovered surfactant, which can be further used in many ways in the food and chemical industry, for example in cosmetics, medicine, or detergents.

For cables bowl, cooler earrings

Among the fastest growing types of waste include electrical appliances. According to current statistics, it is in our country annually produces over 14 kg per person. Retired electrical equipment does not necessarily end up in the garbage. From the recycled material can be manufactured as original jewelry and accessories. "From the wires for the transmission of low-voltage may become necklaces, aluminum radiator computers earrings, multicolored cables again serve for the production of decorative plates," explained David Vandrovec, Director of REMA umbrella project Trash Made which is engaged in manufacturing jewelery and fashion and homewares from e-waste. "Designers in the production respecting the original structure of objects, but with the help of modern technology to give them a new shape. The collection is limited to certain number of pieces, "said David Vandrovec.

Plastic with high temperature turns into diesel or wax

Liquid fuel can also be made from plastic waste. The new production method with which scientists came from Shanghai, compared with previous uses less energy and produces higher quality fuel. The technology is based on the separation of polyethylene, the most widely used material for manufacturing plastic products in the world, from food packaging, PET bottles over drinks after shopping bags. According to the magazine to produce approximately 100 million tons of plastic each year, of which 95% are discarded after a single use and 8 million tons end up in the oceans. Scientists searched for a way to be unused plastic could become a commodity that will be useful again. It turned out that the complex chemical process taking place at a temperature of 175 ° C can be achieved by changing the structure of polyethylene to diesel fuel or wax which can be used for industrial purposes.

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