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Shakespeare's The Tempest with giant puppets for children and adults

Jubilant William Shakespeare is the connecting theme of the seventh edition of the Ostrava in Prague !!!, offering the most interesting from the varied theater life in the Moravian-Silesian metropolis.

On Sunday, November 27 from 19 pm usher ABC Theatre Ostrava Puppet Theatre Shakespeare's dramatic romance storm, which took director Václav Klemens puppetry as an original-drama spectacle. The performance which is designed especially for families with children, opens the creation of a large and wealthy Elizabethans Shakespeare's world even the youngest viewers. The last great playwright's game belongs to the kindest of his extensive work and an interesting concept Puppet Theatre thus offers the whole family insight into the fabulous world in which justly punished guilt are forgiven, and love at first sight is blessed. The production is based on a translation of George Joska, imaginative sets and puppets play enchanted Marta Roszkopfová and music, speaking today in modern language composed by Thomas Rossi.

Besides Storm in bringing Puppet Theatre invites Ostrava in Prague !!! today, Tuesday, November 22, audiences at La Fabrika, where they Actors Arena Chamber Theatre will present its Something for something. The theme of the game is justice and the desire for power and directed by Ivan Krejci, Tomas Vůjtka in dramaturgy and translated by Martin Hilský the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, even more emphasized. Ageless comedy introduces viewers to the medieval Vienna, where he breaks the law, and corruption thrives. Shakespeare's play faithfully reflects the problems of his time, but in this Elizabethan mirror can also find a reflection of our times.

Conclusion theater show then promises to be a magnificent experience - just ten days after the premiere of Ostrava, November 28, will have a Prague audience unique opportunity to see a brand new production of Richard III. In translation George Joska and the actors of the DPB. Directed by the theater's artistic director Janek Ryšánek Schmiedtová and in the role of one of the most impressive Shakespearean villains dazzles holder Thalia Luke Melník.

Ostrava theater scene in the Czech capital in the autumn is the seventh consecutive year and offers five productions staged by Arena Chamber Theatre, National Moravian-old arena, Puppet Theatre or the DPB. Ostrava will welcome their colleagues in their scenes Vinohrady Theatre Comedy Theatre and Theatre ABC newcomer to the show will also feature in Redutě and La Fabrika.

The main project partner is the City of Ostrava that showcase town theaters in Prague annual support sum of 1.3 million crowns

The program shows Shakespeare Ostrava in 2016 in Prague !!!

22. 11. 2016 at 19:30 pm, La Fabrika
William Shakespeare: Something for something
Arena Chamber Theatre
Directed by Ivan Krejci

27. 11. 2016 at 19:00 pm, ABC Theatre
William Shakespeare: The Tempest
Puppet Theatre
Directed by Václav Klemens

November 28, 2016 at 19:30 pm, Celetná Theatre
William Shakespeare: Richard III.
Directed by: Janka Ryšánek Schmiedtová

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