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Saturday will perform at the Rudolfinum legendary guitarist Jirmal

Czech king guitars, prominent composer and internationally renowned teacher Jirmal whose guitar school knows almost every player in the country, take care of the festive finale of the festival Guitar Across Styles.

On Saturday, November 26 will Jirmal in the Suk Hall of Rudolfinum in Prague and the concert will be a celebration of his remarkable jednadevadesátých birthday. The evening sounds of jazz melodies, Latin rhythms and classical songs directly in the administration of George Jirmal author whose interpretation and virtuosity is still admirable. Homage to him personally come to honor, and together with him on stage and introduces his students and guitarists Stanislav Barek, Miloslav Klaus and singer Laura Mrlíková.

"In Suk Hall of Rudolfinum annually professor Jirmal as an educator of the Prague Conservatory featured with its graduates, so we decided to organize a concert in this very intimate space," he adds with gratitude to his teacher, the director of the Festival Guitar Across Styles Stanislav Barek.

Leading Czech guitarist Jirmal (1925) for his rich career has released several albums dedicated to jazz and classical music interpretation, for several years he taught at the Prague Conservatory, wrote a number of books and is a member of many international juries. These include in particular the prestigious World Guitar Competition Radio France - Paris, which over the years has placed its students in eleven finals. Jirmal is also the author of the most popular guitar music school and a number of professional publications, and is also a composer, his works are recorded at home and abroad. For his work is characterized by a creative and inventive approach and continuity of its copyright concept that links jazz and classical elements.

In 2006, the foundation awarded the Young Artist Award for George Jirmal long artistic activity. During his life he collaborated with the Orchestra of Karel Vlach Orchestra Karel Krautgartner, bassist Anthony Gondolán performed with Jan Werich and many other artists. His latest album, His Master Guitar was released in 2014.

Video invitation to the concert :

11.26, 19.00., Rudolfinum - Suk Hall, waterfront Alšovo 12, Prague
Jirmal 91 - guitarist, composer and educator
Guests: Susan Laura - singing, Miloslav Klaus - guitar, Stanislav Barek - guitar

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