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How to influence diet colds and other diseases

It is proven that 70% of all disease is caused by improper lifestyle. Our health is therefore mostly in our hands. Along with adequate amount of movement is another of the basic conditions of life adequate intake of quality food. So what intimidate the following diseases?

lifestyle diseases

The main causes of death are cardiovascular disease (CVO) - Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Overall, is in the background so. Metabolic syndrome (abdominal obesity, hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidaemia). However, the greatest "weapon" against the disease is diet!
"Who wants to reduce the risk of heart problems, he should concentrate on that his diet rich in oily fish, soluble fiber (oatmeal and legumes) and fruits and vegetables. By eating a piece of fruit or vegetables at every meal reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 27%, "says Dr. us. Carolina head, Ph.D. in the campaign to promote milk and milk products plus White.
It is important to adequately combine animal (butter) and vegetable oils (eg., Olive oil). "Prevention of cardiovascular diseases can take. It requires also due to the high content of vitamins E, B, magnesium, potassium, fiber, nut consumption or occasional inclusion of a glass of wine and dark chocolate to your diet. It also helps drinking tea. "

How to elevated cholesterol

"Cholesterol you maintain the correct level thanks to milk and dairy products. Many studies have in fact consumption of these products with a fat content of 2% hypocholesterolemic effect, "explains the expert.
It is believed that probiotic bacteria can digest cholesterol and reduce its absorption in the digestive tract.

High blood pressure

"The prevention of this disease, it is important to increase the potassium in your diet (bananas, dried apricots, potatoes, vegetables), calcium (milk and milk products) and N-3 fatty acids (mainly fish - salmon, mackerel, herring, trout). It is also necessary to reduce dietary sodium - less Solti. "

I want the best possible immunity!

Who would not want to be as healthy - because it means fewer worries. But how can we increase immunity diet? And here are a few simple rules.
"Eat a varied, a lot of drink, and be sure to eat enough protein, eg. Dairy products, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs," cites the specialist suitable food to enhance the immune system. "Indulge with fermented milk products (they have a beneficial effect on in the intestine, which is the center of immunity), pumpkin seeds (they have a high zinc content), Brazil nuts (containing selenium) and drink green tea. "

Fight against kidney stones

The basis against these inconveniences is receiving enough fluids and eating low-fat dairy products.
"It shows that calcium (currently contained in milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.) Helps bind oxalates, which are involved in the formation of kidney stones."

Do you suffer from menstrual problems? They do not have to!

It may surprise you, but the studies caution that help women against difficulties associated with the menstrual cycle dairy products!
"In the long-term outcome study of more than 3,000 women showed that those who received more dairy products were 40% lower risk of developing PMS than women who eat little dairy products," mentions expert.
At the same time, however, important to also increase the intake of vitamin D (also found in milk and dairy products) to increase magnesium (spinach, legumes, whole grains), vitamin E (vegetable oils, seeds, nuts), iron (red meat, offal), and soy products (containing phytoestrogens).

Can affect (in) fertility?

If you want to do everything possible to be able to father a healthy child, you should start by saying that you maintain a reasonable weight. But it is not enough.
"Focus to your diet increased intake of folate (leafy vegetables, vegetables in general, whole grains, some dairy products), n-3 fatty acids (fish) and zinc (pumpkin seeds, seafood, lean red meat)," Dr. explains. Carolina head, Ph.D.
Interesting results of animal studies. "Research in animals suggests that the sperm in the last moments before fertilization increased calcium consumption, the sperm need" energy bomb "to penetrate into the egg."
In one study demonstrated that in polycystic ovary where difficulty with ovulation may calcium and vitamin D restore menstruation.

Insomnia? It may help a glass of milk

Maybe it sounds like "Babská council," but a glass of warm milk with honey helps induce sleep. And reason? Milk contains amino acid tryptophan, from which it is formed serotonin, which promotes sleep.

How to gum disease

This inconvenience contributes a low intake of calcium, which strengthens bones in the jaw. It helps kill bacteria that can cause tooth decay and inflammation.
"In addition to calcium-rich foods, consume plenty of whole grains for stable blood sugar and fruit and vegetables to increase antioxidants."

Poisoning called "haze"

Be bothers us a lot, and we're lucky that we avoided. Initiations are well aware of the pain may cause haze. And yet it can look quite intimidating.
"It has been discovered that Herpes viruses causing herpes, used as" feed "the amino acid arginine. If we take foods rich in the amino acid lysine, arginine effect is reduced. It is ideal to eat during the day, at least 3 grams of lysine. "
Where you would lysine looking for? Especially in meat (beef, chicken, fish), but also in dairy products (cheese, cheddar cheese, cottage, yoghurt, milk).

Yoghurt against diarrhea

Fermented dairy products (yogurt, kefir starters ...) you consume, not only as a tasty snack, as well as prevention and treatment of diarrhea.
"It is particularly important to their use after antibiotic treatment. They have the ability to enrich the gut with beneficial bacteria. Dairy products containing Lactobacilli also reduce the seriousness of rotavirus diarrhea in children and have their application in the prevention of respiratory disease in children. "

How best to protect against cancer?

Again following - increase the intake of vegetables and fruits (especially suitable brassica vegetables), whole grains, oily fish and legumes. A good choice is green tea.
"Do not forget to antioxidants, whose sources are grapes, tea, garlic, onions and dark chocolate," says the expert. "Specifically, in the prevention of breast cancer, colon and rectum with mainly calcium (milk and milk products) and vitamin D (fish , liver, egg yolks, milk, cheese). "

And what about hay fever?

Studies suggest that histamine levels in the blood and hence the symptoms of hayfever significantly reduces regular consumption of fermented dairy products.

Gastric Ulcers - defends them!

In this time our eating habits sorts and then we can begin to suffer from stomach ulcers. It costs us but worth it when prevention is relatively simple?
"Stop for a moment and think about how you eat. An important defense against gastric ulcers is a regular eating regimen, smaller but more frequent portions of food and avoiding spicy and hot dishes, "he explains an expert nutritionist." Ulcers "intimidate" zakysanými dairy products because they can adversely affect the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, frequent originator stomach ulcers. Accelerate their healing. And, of course, try to minimize the stress, "says Dr.. Carolina head, Ph.D. in the campaign to promote milk and milk products White plus .

Author: Sarka Podlenová
Source: tz

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