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Tom Cat heads to Hades

Tom Cat will not rest even in the second clip from the new album enters the underworld to the pagan god Veles. The second video Navua II. Additionally it announces a long series of twenty-two concerts.

Four months played a European radio dedicated to Thomas Cat WMCE songs from Veles and now these songs can be heard live and fans throughout the country. Veles Tour is here and starts today in Jablonec nad Nisou.

The fact that the second movie is about death again is no surprise. Plate Veles begins to Navua songs and ending songs to Navua II. or - if "the end of days." Both in the same keys, both of his departure from the world into the kingdom of Slavic god Veles. "It was quite logical that we chose as the second video just the song. Video clip of course includes basic motif of pagan ritual. The soul of the deceased had to wear a mask, so it did not recognize the Bessi in the intermediate and demons and without straying could safely walk to Navua ... "explains the songwriter Tomas cats.

Three days of filming at three different locations, then work during editing, synchronization and post-production when the director Stephen Gajdos often lamented that now Clip spent half the time as the whole his right roztočenému movie. "Well, yeah, but it did not nod to cooperation such fuddy like me! "he adds with a laugh Thomas.

Tomas Kostka & Orchestra - At the end of the day (to Navua II).

At twenty-two places in Bohemia and Moravia by the end of the year fans can enjoy not only the new songs from Veles, but kračúnovské songs from the album A Christmas Carol.

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