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Finally! A drug that effectively prevents cancer in existence

A major turning point in the history of the fight against cancer was the introduction of targeted therapies. Anticancer drugs in this group can accurately aim only dangerous cancer cells. How can a drug molecule to identify which cell is the "bad"?

Defense on multiple fronts

The group of substances which are known as targeted or even biological drugs include sunitinib. It is used to treat cancer of the kidneys and certain tumors of the digestive system. Its activity is based on two basic principles.
The first is the blockade of the action of growth factors that promote cell growth and division.
The second is to prevent the formation of new blood vessels which supplied the tumor cells with nutrients and oxygen.

As broken locks

Exactly how sunitinib works? Its molecule can bind to different types of receptors, which are responsible for cell division and formation of new vessels. The whole situation can be imagined as unlocking the lock. If the molecule fits into the growth factor receptor like a key into the lock, get a cell signal for growth. When cancerous growth occurs that forms too many keys or locks open completely spontaneously. In both cases, the result of excessive growth and division of cells. Sunitinib is a skeleton key that these locks damaged and thus prevent the cells equipped with these locks away uncontrollably grow and multiply.

Vomiting immediately consult!

The drug is taken every day at the same time, no matter whether before a meal or after a meal. Applications lasts until help stop tumor growth. Doctor set treatment regimen, however, may vary, so it is important to follow the instructions. Among the most important general principle of sunitinib include the following:
If you forget to take a tablet, take it as soon as you remember. If you are however approaching the time when you take it normally, swallow a double dose.
Keep tablets in the original packaging.
Keep medicine out of the reach of children.
Let timely write a new pack, do not wait to the last minute.
Unused tablets return after completion of treatment to the pharmacy.
If you vomit after taking the preparation, consult your doctor by phone. Do not take another dose without consulting with a specialist!

What is sunitinib you really need to avoid is grapefruit juice. That fact can significantly affect the ability of the human body to process administered the drug. The effects of sunitinib may interfere with other medications, including OTC. Before therapy, therefore, discuss with your doctor the appropriateness of their use.

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