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Dvur Kralove Zoo gained a new female Southern White Rhinoceros. His name is Temba

The zoo in Dvur Kralove nad Labem in the center of Erfurt, Germany arrived female white rhino Southern white Temba. Breeders believe that the male Pamir create a couple who will have a baby. Partner Pamira yet at the zoo was a female Jessika that still no baby born in the zoo did not bring court. Informed zoo spokeswoman Andrea Jiroušová.

"Journey from Germany took about seven hours and Temba be handled without any problem. Upon arrival and movement of the animal from the truck into new quarters in the hinterland of the zoo while we watched her slight nervousness, but those for transportation to the new environment, "describes the arrival of nineteen Tembo zoologist George Gross.

Rhinos grenadier are unlike another African species, black rhinos, more sociable and spends half his life in herds of several individuals. "Once a female gets used to a new home will be in the next quarters alternate Pamir with Jessica. Our goal is to Tembo soon be connected to an existing pair to form a functional group, and we have increased the chances of breeding, "says Gross. The female gave birth in Erfurt had two cubs.

Dvur Kralove Zoo is among the best breeders of rhinos in the world. From the 70s to the present, the 44 pups born black rhinos, zoo as well as the only multiplied rare rhinoceros Dolphin northern form. The southern white rhinos breeding also started in the 70s, a group that in a few years has grown to 12 individuals and were successfully reared two chicks. In 1978, however, the zoo decided to devote more intensive farming rarer forms the northern and within two years of breeding southern white rhinos ended.

New individuals won Zoo until a few years ago, when he came back here male Natal, who was among the first Southern white rhinoceros originally from Africa, who are in courtly gardens came in the early 70s. To him gradually added Jessika female and male Pamir last year.

Rhinos Rhinoceros, also called whites are divided into two types - northern and southern. In the wild, the African continent was the northern form of people most likely completely exterminated. Today they survive the last three individuals in Kenya reservation Ol Pejeta, however, include the Dvur Kralove Zoo. In contrast, rhinos southern forms are now the most numerous species of African rhinos. Approximately twenty thousand individuals inhabits the region of South Africa, but also in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, which have been successfully introduced.

Among the researchers is a dispute about whether the northern and southern rhinos Rhinoceros two different species or subspecies of one species. In 2010 experts, among them the Czech Jan Robovský expert, released a study according to which there should be northern white rhinoceros considered a separate species of rhinoceros Cottonův.


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