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Indonesia without risk: think of the health and personal belongings

Exotic holidays in Indonesia is the dream of many travelers. The euphoria of the upcoming trip, however, the need to balance practical steps: the proper vaccinations, proper insurance, closing and monitoring the current security situation in the place of residence.

1st place health

Staying in Indonesia carries a variety of health risks to which it is necessary to think before departure. The main measure is proper vaccination. Although Indonesian authorities require no confirmation of vaccination is recommended to undergo vaccination against hepatitis A, poliomyelitis (polio) and typhoid fever. You should also check the validity of vaccination against tetanus. Although the risk of malaria in some areas of low Indonesia (Java, Bali and selected areas of Sumatra and Sulawesi), it is necessary to think about the use of antimalarial drugs. Especially in areas with a higher risk of infection (Kalimantan, Lombok, Papua). Throughout Indonesia are found in abundance mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever, therefore, you should use repellents everywhere. It is advisable before traveling well informed about the current disease situation. These data will provide centers of travel medicine.

I prefer to pay extra

Quality health care in Indonesia provide mostly private medical facilities. Treatment is expensive. Necessity is therefore travel insurance, which should take into account the planned activities on holiday and have a sufficiently high indemnity limits. It is not appropriate to rely on insurance, which is automatically connected to the credit card. Such a product has a very restricted limits, and services and in case of problems abroad will not be enough.

Beware of animals

Animals in Indonesia often carry rabies. You should therefore avoid any contact with wild cats, dogs and monkeys. Number of venomous snakes, especially in the confusing terrain, poses a significant risk of bites. Caution is therefore necessary even when wandering in the Indonesian countryside.

dangerous drinks

The classic advice before traveling to Asia is to avoid drinking tap water, which also applies in Indonesia. You should consume only bottled drinks without ice cubes, which may be prepared from the contaminated water. Very dangerous and may be drinking the local spirit - arak. It is often prepared in extremely unsatisfactory technical conditions and may include life-threatening methanol.

Always alert

While staying in Indonesia, both in major cities and off the main tourist destination, ensure personal safety.
Keep an eye primarily passport and money and watch out for pickpockets.
Vigilance pays off even when using a taxi, that should be ordered either at designated sites, or over the phone.
In places where moving large numbers of people (shopping centers, bars and nightclubs), try to watch what is happening around them and maintain a basic orientation on the ground. Neither Indonesia has previously not been spared terrorist attacks precisely-aimed at tourists.
It is also useful to know where the embassy of the Czech Republic. His hotlines you with other phone numbers for the police and an ambulance had noted before traveling.

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