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The most common mistakes consumers Czech

To err is human, but there are situations where we can not really "costly". Goods and services are purchased almost daily, yet are often unsure of their rights and obligations. What are the most common mistakes widespread among Czech consumers? And how is it really? At the time of Christmas shopping with little repetition may be useful.

"Many people, for example, believes that when they order goods in the e-shop and purchase a then changes his mind, the situation can be resolved by that thing just do not take. Still, there is also the notion that the seller always has the obligation to issue a product warranty card or the purchased thing must endure for the duration of the warranty, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. Consumers have mostly know that they have the right to withdraw from the phone or via the Internet within 14 days. "Often, but he thinks that this also applies to purchases made in-store, or do not know the exceptions to which this law does not apply," Green warns.

These are widespread misconceptions consumers and placing them on the right:

When goods do not assume the sales contract is canceled. - This would be true only in the case that the contract expressly agree that failure to take goods canceling the contract. Otherwise concluded contract binding for both parties and the receipt of the goods is the responsibility of the buyer. Breach of this obligation will expose penalty, at least do that you have to pay the cost of unnecessary transportation.

Seller is always obliged to expose me to the product warranty.
- The seller must issue a warranty card only on request. A claim when a product does not necessarily need to submit warranty. Just proof of purchase, which includes statutory data.

Within 14 days, I always have the right to withdraw from the contract.
- This only applies when buying over the Internet or over the phone, that is for contracts for the use of means of distance communication. Furthermore, in the case of contracts negotiated away from business premises businessman, for example. Demonstrations and doorstep selling. Moreover, there are exceptions to which this law does not apply. For example, goods modified according to the customer, the supply of newspapers and magazines, audio and video recordings and computer programs with damaged original packaging, tours, tickets or property.

I bought the thing on IR, but I have the same rights as a consumer.
- If you put in the contract identification number, you give the other Party indicated that the legal relations are entering as an entrepreneur. This results in some differences in your rights. For example, you do not have a claim for a period of 24 months and not 30 days a deadline for settling a claim. If you claim that you have not come forward as an entrepreneur, you have to prove in the event of a dispute.

The case must endure throughout the warranty period. - The warranty period is a period in which the entrepreneur bears responsibility for defects in the goods sold. Do not confuse it with a life that manifests wear from normal use. If you wear shoes designed for casual wear every day, you can destroy it during the first year warranty.

If you lose confidence in the product, which has occurred defect, I am entitled to a refund.
- When appears on the product defect within the warranty period, whether the day after the purchase or after a year of use, you have the law given rights of defective performance. The law, however, no such thing as a "loss of confidence" does not and is not a legally valid basis for the refund. You can request a refund for the first and only defects only if it is permanent and can not be exchanged for a perfect thing.

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