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Myths that persist. How is it with night current or sorting waste?

Although Czechs exhibit about energy conservation and environmental issues increasingly interested, have them often wrong or misleading information. For example, many households lived in the mistaken belief that electricity can be cheaper thanks to the so-called "night-stream" take only at night. Also knows how to properly sort waste.

It results from queries sent home energy advisors Internet services E.ON Advisor. "People are mostly interested in two-tier electricity tariffs, waste sorting and inspection of boilers. Usually they can not cope, because receive different information from multiple sources. Then do not know who to trust, "says Magdalena Baumann of services E.ON Advisor. Among the most popular topics among Czech households penetrated also the issue of construction of wells and cleaning. Many people suffer because of drought and the increasing cost of water.

What is the current night?

The notion of peak electricity is obsolete designation for cheaper electricity. Arose in the past when electricity was cheaper mainly during the late evening and night. Although it is today otherwise, the term "peak current" among people still incorrectly used. In fact, it is possible to conserve electricity due to the so-called two-tier rate with more expensive and cheaper lower tariffs. Low fare while switches distributor using mass remote control (MRC), at any time during the day and night.

"Using a two-tier tariffs, always consult with the electricity distributor. That will require the fulfillment of conditions required, namely the use of electricity for heating or hot water. It is also necessary to prove that you are involved in, for example, home electric water heater, heat pump or heat register, "says Magdalena Baumann. In addition, these appliances must be set to operate only at times of low rate. All settings then you must prove at the request inspection report. After obtaining a two-tier rate may be low tariff also use any other electrical appliances in the home.

Sorting of waste has its own rules

Czechs in recent years engaged in waste sorting very honestly. The plethora of information, but sometimes causes the incorrect use of containers and flawed procedures for recycling. Problematic pieces of waste often ends up in places other than they have. What are they? Among the most common mistakes when sorting waste is one roll of toilet paper and paper packaging from eggs that most people throws into the blue container for paper. And it is a minor error. These products are in fact processed from recycled paper so many times that the only possible storage area is trash, or better yet composter.

In practice it is possible to further encounter incorrect recycling heavily contaminated packages. It must be a greasy pizza box that does not belong in the paper, but mixed waste. It forgets and polystyrene, which are classified into yellow containers for plastic, and used batteries. They are stored in special containers and boxes that need to find in supermarkets.

How do you get your own well?

Source water from private wells is very practical. Water from a well, you always have on hand and it's free. If you are considering the construction of private wells, there are several important things you should know and consider well. For example, do not forget that as well as excavation wells on private property need permission. So how do you proceed?

"First and foremost, you must obtain permission from the water authority, you will be at City Hall, city hall or municipal office. If you plan well deeper than three meters, will need approval from the district mining office, "says Magdalena Baumann. After settling permit we are also recommended to consider carefully whether you want to dig a well by yourself or through a professional company, which is obviously more expensive, but far easier option. The professional company is able to take care of the necessary paperwork and ensure that everything is by digging or drilling wells needed from the project to the removal of excavated rubble.

How often to check for gas boiler?

Owners of gas-fired boilers are advised to leave their appliances checked annually. Clogged flue gas path can be life threatening and poorly functioning boiler are mostly not working properly and burns gas needlessly. Who to contact and when checking performed?
Regular annual inspection done by a qualified technician, whose visit can be arranged directly with your energy supplier. Checking should take place before or after the heating season, possibly to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which accumulates in the flue clogged roads. We recommend you check to arrange a time.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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