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How to prevent sending goods neobjednaného

Ordering goods for 179 crowns, after which follows a shipment delivery with a call for payment of the amount of CZK 1,195 and promise to send other packages. Thus, consumers describe practices of some mail-order business and complaints again increasing.

Customers usually complain about the fact that although the goods ordered, but in the belief that they can get only one shipment. About subsequently shipped goods are no longer interested. "Here, in the first place, we recommend that consumers thoroughly review the order and what it indicates," says Head of Legal Department Dtest Luke Green continues: "If you are an entrepreneur delivers the goods without an order, you are not obliged to take it. Often goods thrown into the mailbox, but even in this case you do not take him. "

If you decide to keep unordered merchandise, consider yourself honest holder. "You need entrepreneurs at their own cost nothing or return him about it in any way inform. The entrepreneur may unsubscribed thing to pick up their cargo, but in any case you do not have an obligation to pay for unordered merchandise, "says Green.

Unsolicited goods and the subsequent recovery of payments it is also forbidden aggressive commercial practice. Consumers can thus depending on the type of goods to turn with a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, ie mostly on Czech Trade Inspection.

Some mail-order problem lies in the fact that the order of subsequent shipments, although notified, however the information very carefully hidden. Most often indicate businessman fine print on the leaflet or the inside of the envelope with the range of goods that the customer agrees to the inclusion in the "collector's service". It is up to the customer to keep an eye on whether the statement agrees, and otherwise is přeškrtnul. "Such behavior of traders is at least incorrect. We correctly anticipated the opposite approach, "says Green.

Many consumers prefer to them unordered merchandise was not sent, and that a businessman is bothered payment requirements. In this case it is advisable to contact the shipper in writing. This form of administration is by no means established, however, generally can be recommended in written form (letter or e-mail).

"It is important to realize that the right not to return unordered merchandise only applies to cases where goods sends an entrepreneur, a person who, when concluding the contract acts in a commercial or other business activities. If the matter is sent to a natural person who is not an entrepreneur, it would be in the event that the consumer goods leaving, were unjust enrichment, "says

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