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Traditional Christmas tour starts Čechomor

Čechomor like every year he departs late November to Christmas concerts at the Čechomor Kooperativa Tour 2016. Viewers will hear the cross-section of the Christmas repertoire and Čechomor group's biggest hits.

Christmas songs from the album Christmas Čechomor Čechomor National and festive Čechomor supplemented by the group's biggest hits were heard for the first time already on the eve of the first weekend of Advent on November 25 in Prostejov and the entire tour will culminate on December 19 in Prague's Karlin Forum.

After last year's very successful Christmas concerts, where Čechomor escorted Herold Quartet, the Čechomor invited this year a number of interesting guests. Female solo parts in the songs Čechomor befriends the singer Martina Pártlová. The second half of the tour accommodates Čechomor novel way, and blending with uncompromising rhythms of Japanese drums, which sounds Japanese music composer, producer and player on traditional samurai shakuhachi flute and drums Joji Hirota and the Taiko Drummers drumming group. For fans of the Prague Čechomor time addition to the aforementioned artists as a surprise special guest of the concert, which will be a charismatic young violin virtuoso Jan Mráček, winner of the International Violin Competition Fritz Kreisler in Vienna.

"We want our fans to bring back a different perspective on our Advent repertoire,"
says Karel Holas, bandmaster, violinist and singer Čechomor continues: "Joining with traditional Japanese instruments like the flute shakuhachi and Japanese samurai drums, taiko, we found it so interesting we asked our friend Jojiho Hirota, with whom we have cooperated for the first time in 2005 on the album What happened was new to take charge of editing the advent of our repertoire. "

"When you prepare before touring repertoire, and we start thinking about our concert guests always look forward to our guests to bring songs Čechomor fresh ideas, new ideas and energy," says frontman Black Francis Čechomor. "I dare say that because each of our other tours and something always surprises. Anyway, come see for yourself, "says Frantisek Cerny.

All concerts under the Christmas Kooperativa Tour 2016 presents Čechomor activities of public benefit Helping Paws, which for 15 years engaged in breeding, předvýchovou and training of assistance dogs. Trained dogs free passes to long term use of the handicapped. "The other Čechomor with paws works continuously for ten years. The aim of this merger, which cooperate with Kooperativa is to alert our fans that around us there are still a lot of handicapped people, for whom assistance dog is very important, "says bandleader Čechomor Karel Holas." We're glad that thousands of our fans either via DMS or purchase of promotional items or special CDs, the activities of Helping paws contributed and include them for our tremendous gratitude, "adds Petr Tolar, artist manager Čechomor.

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