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Czech mobile services are among the most expensive in the EU

Mobile services we use every day, and a world without them he perhaps can not even imagine. We can not imagine that in the same volume of services must pay half as much? And operator, we add to this roaming free or at a much higher volume of data? For inspiration, we do not go too far. Dtest survey showed that in other European countries consumers for the same range of services will be much less.

According to a European Commission report on prices for mobile services in 2016 the prices of these services in the Czech Republic up to 60% higher compared with the EU average. Along with Greece, Malta, Bulgaria and Hungary, we rank among the most expensive countries across the European Union.

He dTest compares prices so. unlimited tariffs at home and abroad. The survey focused on the tariffs of foreign operators that their content closest to the Czech menu. "The survey results Czech consumers certainly pleased. The situation can be summarized as that in other countries for the same service pay half the amount, and for your money you get much better service. Randomly be in Austria offers one of the operators within the unlimited tariff, besides calling and SMS and eleven times more data than us, and you can send unlimited SMS messages in the EU and USA. All this for less than half of Czech prices, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Everyone largest Czech mobile operators offering unlimited tariffs within unlimited calls and SMS to all networks in the Czech Republic together with the data package amounting to 1.5 GB single price of CZK 749 per month. Dtest survey showed, among other things, that lower prices abroad are not only the work of different operators that the Czech Republic does not. The biggest Czech operators in other countries offer not only much cheaper fares, but they provide within them a much greater volume of services. "For example, with our Polish neighbors take for T-Mobile's unlimited plan with a data package amounting to 5 gigabytes per fabulous price of CZK 305 per month. Other Czech operators on the Polish territory does not, which is obviously not at all hurt, because the company Orange to take the same amount of service even at the price of CZK 244 per month and in the first 6 months, you do not pay at all, "says Green.

In Germany you pay for unlimited tariffs similar price as us. A natural part of all packages, however, are also roaming services within the EU tariff rate. At Vodafone Germany to take unlimited tariff for the price of CZK 730 per month. The unlimited calling, SMS and 1 GB of data within the country but also get roaming services in the EU tariff rate "only" up to 500 minutes, 500 SMS and the ability to draw data to the amount of domestic data package. O2 offers for the price of CZK 676 tariff with unlimited data package 2GB, including unlimited roaming calls and pumping data up to 1 gigabyte in other EU countries.

In the Slovak Republic, at least in terms of high prices, a situation similar to ours. Prices for mobile services would move even higher than the national average, but the price rises and their volume. For example 4KA company offers unlimited calls, SMS and unlimited data capacity in Slovakia for CZK 811 per month. Sounds from the perspective of the Czech mobile services market as an absolute utopia, because none of the Czech operators are not under the unlimited tariffs this option or included in the offer.

"Operators obviously not measured by the same standards everywhere. While not argue the favorite phrases of differing costs of living in the EU, as paradoxically prices in developed European countries are considerably lower than either us or them for a comparable price offered significantly greater number of services, "says
Green. In the Netherlands, T-Mobile offers unlimited tariff for CZK 582 per month. In addition to unlimited calls, SMS and data package 1 GB, but includes an unlimited roaming calls in the EU countries and the USA, including data bundle 50 megabytes Unlimited tariff from Vodafone that costs 703 CZK and includes unlimited again roaming calls in other EU countries.

A paradise for mobile users is the United Kingdom. For Vodafone here for CZK 471 per month to take an unlimited plan with a data package amounting to 5 gigabytes, including unlimited calls, SMS and 2GB of data within the EU. For the same price you can buy and unlimited tariff from Three, which, while offering only a half portion of data, but it can be used without additional charge in 42 other countries. O2 are also offering unlimited fare much better than us. For CZK 565 per month you get unlimited calls, SMS and data portion amounting to 4 gigabytes For a very good price to take unlimited tariffs in France. For example, the company offers Free Mobile for CZK 541 per month in addition to unlimited calls, SMS and data package amounting to 50 gigabytes and unlimited calls to selected countries throughout the year.

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