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Prague and climate change: Problem will be local floods and hot summers

In October, Prague hosted a conference dedicated to cities adaptations to climate change. Among other things, mentioned the adaptation of the capital Prague. The greatest challenge for Prague will prepare local floods and heat island city.

Deputy Mayor of the capital Prague Petra Kolinska in his opening speech to the conference mentioned that we have escaped from a period of climate denial. "We are in a time when we have the courage to respond to climate change. We need to implement adaptation measures which some still see as they send people back to trees. We need to look at solutions holistically is to interlink with each other, "says Cologne. A good example of a program that helps on several levels, according to the Green Savings. According to her, has proven ecological impacts and demonstrable economic impact on the construction sector. "Our task is to devise such adaptation measures that politicians will vie that they can implement," says Cologne.

Councillor for the Environment John Plamínková adds that we can not wait to see if the states happen to agree with the emissions do something (ed., Ed .: The so-called. The Paris climate agreement entered into force in November, during the conference it was not certain whether gather enough signatures). "No time left, we must act. It makes no sense to argue, what else can a man and what is just nature, "says John Plamínková. According to estimates by the end of the century in Prague warmer or about 2 to 5 degrees, become more frequent flash floods, while being drought worsens heat island in the center. "We have to prepare for it. For example, increasing the proportion of green areas in the city. But it is a measure whose effect occurs over a long period of time. The tree is a great conditioning unit, but since its withdrawal must take thirty years to grow enough. "

Podle Plamínkové city must figure out how to have a stable water regime in order to mitigate the effects of local rains. "Local flooding is a new phenomenon. Vi happen to places where normally never been any flooding. Just on the field or other area rained so much water that misses to soak and created a flood, "says Plamínková. According to her, the need to improve emergency management and preparedness Prague to cope with local flooding. "When approaching on the Vltava River flood of South Bohemia, then there is enough time to build flood control measures in Prague. When the overflow Botič and in responding to need an hour, "explains Plamínková. As an example, Prague where he thrives, mentions repair and construction of Prague's lakes. They have both an economic function and are mainly stabilizing element of the ecosystem. For example, new lakes were created in Stromovka. A good example is by Plamínkové also finish Rokytka River, where part zkanalizovaného channel managed to get back to nature friendly form. If you want to catch a glimpse of a kingfisher in Prague, then you have a chance at Rokytky.

Director of the Department of Environmental Protection of the Prague City Hall Stepan Kyjovský notes that temperatures are rising in the city. "It's not just average temperatures, but especially for those extreme temperatures. Increase the number of days when the tropical heat, increase the number of tropical nights. It affects not only weak individuals, seniors, children, but also to the rest of the working people. Amplifies the effect of the urban heat island. Urbanized environment amplifies all the impacts of climate change, "says Kyjovský.

In 2002, after the great flood triggered spontaneous adaptation, the city first began on the construction of flood protection, attention then shifted to the landscape. It started with the removal of damage to ponds and Prague continued to build new, for example in Stromovka, with the revitalization of streams. "Prague now has 60 ponds, 3 dams, 28 water reservoirs and dry polders 8," cites Kyjovský, adding that under the current leadership, these measures support city management, which previously was not.

According to him, remains one fundamental disagreement over land use planning, namely whether to Prague as a city compact, or whether it should be a green city. "I'm for the Department of Environmental Protection, I think it should be compact and green," says Kyjovský.

The article was written thanks to the international conference "Planning for adaptation to climate change in cities with the use of nature-friendly solutions" organized within the project UrbanAdapt, which took place 17 to 18 October 2016 in Prague and focused on the promotion and development of adaptation to climate change in cities, using ecosystem-based approaches .

Author: Martin Mach Ondřej

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