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Nelení deer on the road - accidents with animals is increasing

Autumn is from the perspective of traffic accidents risk period, even when it comes to accidents caused by collision with the game. Frequent fog and early twilight, therefore, reduced visibility are the most frequent cause of such accidents. It is therefore necessary to take extra care on sections that are marked with the possible occurrence of wildlife, but also outside with respect to the landscape.

The collision may occur at any time of day or night, regardless of the season. The riskiest time is dawn and dusk, when deer wandering in search of food and roads are disregarded. At night it is necessary to ensure even greater caution since an animal dazzled by the lights of the vehicle behaves unpredictably and confused. Most often then we collide head on with roe deer, hares or wild pig.

Statistics show that every tenth accident is the cause of the clash of the car with the game. So far this year (as at 31. 10. 2016) police recorded 8,952 accidents with wild animals and domestic animals, which is the largest in the history of the country. This only proves that recent developments, unfortunately, continues the negative trend rise in the past six years. These accidents, although not among those with the most tragic consequences, but when they were seriously injured and 15 people died in them one person. (The total number of fatalities in the period 1993-2015, the share of people killed in clashes with wild animals and domestic animals 0.14%.) Most accidents with wild animals and domestic animals had happened on the road in the Central Region (2087), the least in South Bohemia (38). Most likely to collide beasts have in the highlands, where the game is at every fourth incident (accidents, 24.5% share), while the lowest probability is, quite logically, in our capital city of Prague (0.3%).

How to avoid a collision with a deer?

The best preventive measure is proportionate to the speed and attention, especially on roads that are marked by road signs with the possible occurrence of game. At lower speeds you can to unexpected entrance road game to react in time. "The basis is, as always, pursue the management and the forest section, but also in the fields, watch the action not only against each other but also around the road. Hunters recommend light front fog lamps, which shines very low down and to the sides, thus increase its visibility, "says Martin BESIP chief pastor. But be careful! According to the rules of the road with these lights may be used only in fog, heavy rain or snowfall. Otherwise a fine of up to 2,500 crowns in place in 2000 crowns blocks. When you see deer near the road, we see the most of her luminous eyes, dim the high beam, the deer blind, immediately reduce your speed and get ready for a possible brake. If the animal escapes, you can try to scare a horn.

If it's inevitable clash with the animal, recommendations from experts is clear: braking with full force and select the frontal impact. From the perspective of the psyche of the driver, it is a difficult situation, but the cars are designed for frontal crash and crumple zone absorbs energy to the greatest extent possible. Any other maneuver, particularly reckless, panic reaction, is very risky. "Evasive maneuvers recommended. It's difficult in a split second evaluates the condition of the road, take account of other passengers, estimate the weight and force of impact the animal, and the coordination of footwork and hand stress, all in a fraction of the time it is very difficult, "warns Martin pastor, boss SCUBA. "Obstructing we always have with regard to road conditions. The autumn season is often slippery roads, fallen leaves somewhere or frostbitten. Panic reaction is not the best, spirited maneuver we should do wisely in order to avoid unnecessary skid. Realize what the road surface is how the car behaves, whether the game instead of aiming at a tree, where the crash had even more tragic consequences. In short, when a collision course with the game, braking reduce speed as much as possible, and prefer animal we hit head-on than try to avoid it and crash into a tree ... "

Accountability and performance of insurance companies

If the death of an animal, is the responsibility of every driver, such an accident report to the police of the Czech Republic, even in the event that no damage to the vehicle. In case of failure to do so threatens every driver fine. In the event of a collision with an animal that has the owner (eg. Breeding animals), and the owner pays damages. In most cases, it is a collision with wildlife that has no owner, not after whom claim damages. Czech police notify the local animal death the hunting association, which in turn ensure the removal of a dead animal. Whoever would have thought that this "booty" can be loaded into the car and drive home, he is mistaken. It would be considered poaching, for which the penalty is up to two years in prison, and the sinner is exposed to the risk of contracting rabies. You also need to take pictures of the accident site, and a photo to the animal as a vehicle. For damage to the vehicle collision with game otherwise you have no evidence for other possible solutions to the insurance company. Too bad, however, you will be reimbursed only if the "conflict with the game" part of your car insurance. Collision with animals is one option when selecting a range of accident insurance.

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