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Wisconsin cheese water sprayed on street

Wisconsin is in the United States rightfully dubbed "Earth cheeses" and that his reputation now further compounded by the unusual way in which it intends to deal with icy roads. In the capital city, Milwaukee, this year will be sprayed roads intermediates and liquid waste from cheese production to be environmentally friendly alternative compared to conventional salt posypům. Inform the server of The New York Times.

Production of cheese is (depending on the final product) with a salt inextricably linked. Enters into the process of actual production, but leaving the majority in the form of white lumps bold contaminated saline, which has no further use. In Milwaukee, which is among other things known for its cheddar, they have decided to process the waste water effectively used. Overdrawn her into the spray tank cars and drove with her sprinkling snowy and icy streets. Thus effectively depriving saline waste water, as well as reduce the use of road salt.

Wisconsin state capital in the use of alternatives to salt sandings ranks among the pioneers. There have already experienced a dusting streets using discarded waste spent grains or sugar water. All in an effort to reduce the amount of industrial waste and reduce consumption of salt, which pollutes waterways. "We just try to use all the options that we offer the production of cheese," says Tony Zielinski, councilor of Bay View, 14th district Milawukee. "And we think that if there is an idea takes hold, they will go our way and other cities Wisconsin."

An example is given cheesecloth company F & A Dairy Products, saving $ 20,000 just for the fact that the brine will be transported to a special purification and instead it passes the municipal services from road maintenance. And it in turn will save $ 40,000 for the purchase of salt, which is not actually broadcasted economically "rewarding" work. Why? "Almost 30% of the spilled salt is soon lost due to runoff, shocks, or traveling," says Emil Norby from Polk County.

Wisconsin Cheese your reputation earned in 2012, when the local cheese-making enterprises produced 1.3 billion kilograms of various cheeses. Along with that, but he had an entire state to actively tackle new directions, including improved waste management, wastewater treatment plants, which with the influx of salty cheese intermediates had to deal with. For spraying streets with the most suitable "brine" from the production of provolone or mozzarella, where salt is most concentrated. It was also the largest wastewater plants problems because the membrane filters and the US treatment plant is not set to desalinate water.

Obviously jee cheese brine on the streets is the subject of research and focused research. Among the projects being survey ranks, whether decomposing cheese water will not attract rodents, increase the odor or whether the end will not environmentally damaging than the actual rock salt. And of course, if the lower temperatures as effective as road salt. But all this will be evident until next spring. Bright is now just one thing: cheese, water comes out of the order yet cheaper than rock salt.

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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