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Christmas Holidays on ice or on the beach, or celebrate Christmas abroad

The approaching Christmas holidays are not only a great event for the Czechs. Even residents of other countries and continents celebrate Christmas, traditions and customs but in different cultures vary considerably. Do you want to try this Christmas a little differently and learn new habits and food? We bring you a few tips on destinations that you can visit on holidays. On his lover come Christmas traditions, snow and one who wants to go for supplies.

Christmas stress free to enjoy in Italy

If you want to avoid the pre-Christmas stress and bustle, the perfect destination for you Italy. Italians because Christmas is perceived more as a period when they have the opportunity to meet with all the loved ones and family. Exaggerated decoration, cleaning or cooking, so nestresují, often without even dispense ornate tree. Conversely, traditional nativity scene for Christmas in Italy inseparable. Nativity scenes in Italian families often passed down from generation to generation. "The main city of Bethlehem is an Italian Naples. A variety of options nativity scenes are on display from the beginning of December. On Christmas Eve, then the other characters will be added Jesus, "says Michal Tuma (Invia). The third largest city in addition to Italian travelers also offers many other attractions. You will find several historic castles, royal palace and the National Archaeological Museum. From Naples, moreover, you get to Rome by train or bus about an hour and a half. Even the holidays so you can comfortably visit several Italian cities.

It was in Rome in the Advent season worthwhile issue. In the heart of the capital have had the chance to soak up a bit of Christmas atmosphere. A unique experience for you can also be a midnight mass, held in the Vatican in St. Peter's Cathedral. Now Midnight Mass for most of the population of Southern European country highlight of Christmas Eve. The Vatican directs attention to the Italians on Christmas Day. Everyone is waiting for the papal blessing Urbi et Orbi, which starts the real Italian Christmas.

In Britain partial to tradition

Classical pomposity and a grand celebration with all the trimmings on the contrary, expect in the UK. The most important day for the Brits is Christmas Day. Young children are curious since morning what they gave you Father Christmas stockings hang on, parents are preparing large meal of several courses. A traditional British Christmas feast with the Czech resemble a bit. On the table you will find roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, vegetables, different kinds of sauces and sausages in bacon. Typical is also a Christmas pudding made from nuts, raisins and prunes, which is often accompanied by brandy. After lunch, then the majority of Britons watching traditional Christmas speech of Queen Elizabeth II., Without which he can not imagine the holidays.

True Christmas atmosphere but in Britain you can enjoy as well as tourists. London is the center of all happenings Oxford Street, where festivals abound among people searching for the latest gifts and various merchants. A unique experience is a visit Trafalgar Square, right here the whole advent illuminate the largest Christmas tree to the city every year travels to Norway. Christmas dinner in the British style can be enjoyed for example on the market at Smithfield. Here you can buy traditional roast turkey and pudding.

Nordic countries on holidays lit thousands of candles

Real white Christmas in the Czech Republic becoming a rarity. If you then want to enjoy the true winter atmosphere of Christmas, head for Scandinavia. Most festive moment for northerners Christmas Eve gifts but in every state worn by someone else. Finnish children naděluju elf Ukko, which accompany the little pixies. Help cute dwarves used according to legends and Jultomten old man, who is giving out in Sweden. In Norway, the children look out every year presents the beloved pixie mixing. Although nadílka task in the Nordic countries for a variety of elves, north of the continent is often referred to as the home of Santa Claus. The fact exactly where Santa comes, maintained by individual states disputes. For example, in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi near the Arctic Circle you can visit Santa's home village. "Trip to the Arctic Circle is worth visiting not only because Santa's house in this area because you can witness the aurora. Attractions for children and adults can then be accommodation in the Ice Hotel or ride a dogsled. The journey from Helsinki to the Arctic kruhuletadlem while only takes about an hour, "says Michal Tuma.

Although some details in the individual Nordic countries differ, ancient traditions remain the same. The main symbol of Christmas in Scandinavia for many years straw goat called julbock on whom you encounter in all homes, shops and public places. Rarity as 15 meters high julbock, which annually build in Gävle near Stockholm. Typical for the whole of Scandinavia is also a large number of candles and lanterns that during the polar night illuminate the houses and streets. Similar is also the composition of the Scandinavian Christmas table. On the table you will find traditional Christmas ham, meatballs, fish, as well as reindeer meat.

In Africa enjoy decorated with palms and dinner on the beach

In Africa, home to more than 350 million Christians, even on this continent are therefore celebrating the Christmas holidays. At Christmas time there but there is a sweltering summer, Christmas Eve so you can spend in a swimsuit and dine al fresco. "African beaches are renowned for their fine sand, only in South Africa, for example, there are more than two dozen beaches that received the prestigious Blue Flag indicating the best in the world," said Tuma. Customs and traditions in individual African countries vary considerably. While in South Africa believe in Santa Claus and prevailing practices are similar as in the UK, Liberia handing out gifts devil on stilts. In Zimbabwe you again a treat traditional bread with jam. In most African countries are still rather spiritual Christmas holidays. Locals and embark on regular services, organize collections for the poor and enjoying the family circle. Generosity not often for poor African states to master. Gifts received mostly children, who are giving out especially practical things and gadgets to school.

Source: tz INVITE editorially modified

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