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Facebook, automatic updates or WatchON reduced stamina smartphone

Graphically demanding games, applications in the background or some system tools that are automatically included with the phone, and the existence of which most people are unaware. All this reduces battery life, according to experts smartphones. The test results in the journal The Guardian even shown that the Facebook application reduces battery life of mobile phones by up to 20%. Look what can happen in a dead battery on your smartphone.

Currently very popular game Pokémon GO, which is used only in the US, over 20 million daily users, represents a particular burden phone graphically. Like some other games as one of the major energy požíračům your phone. It is used in the addition and GPS navigation, which itself constantly searches and monitors the current position, which needs to be permanently switched on and active display. And this has a big impact on battery performance. Also mobile versions of social networking is one of the energy požíračům phone. Experts have proven that the removal of a Facebook smartphone saves 15% of the life of the phone with iOS and up to 20% mobile phone operates on Android platform. Facebook occupies a significant proportion of storage space.

Note also the automatic update

Among other applications that users download and which limit the performance of the battery, according includes AVG as Facebook Pages Manager, The Weather Channel, Amazon Shopping, Music Spotify, Netflix, BBC News or Microsoft Outlook. "The length of charging mobile phone shorten the automatic updating of applications and widgets to new versions or automatically synchronize data such as e-mail clients and cloud storage, as well as announcements coming from social networks, news sites," explains Radim Tlapak ( Noticeable effect also have native applications and tools that are automatically included with the phone software, and are usually necessary for its perfect operation. For example, in the case of Samsung phones that are among the best-selling smartphones in the world, they are the biggest eaters batteries pre-installed services Beaming Service, Security Policy Updates or Samsung WatchON.

Quit all extend battery life

A practical tip for saving battery is usually the end of the currently unneeded applications and functions simultaneously, thereby extending battery life and overall performance of the mobile phone. Magazine however proved that this statement is only a deeply rooted myth. By constantly developing applications to close because the battery paradoxically more pressure than if you let them run free in the background. There is, however, a significant difference between applications. This applies only if it is not a system application, which after completion is restored, the machine can not work.

Battery life also affects the brightness setting or the wallpaper

A big part of the energy from the battery steals also display itself, especially its brightness setting. Helpful is the brightness sensor that automatically adjusts settings to suit the environment and thus helps to save battery power. Also, the length of time taken for the display to turn off or putting it into standby mode, plays a role. "Automatically is set in the phone screen turns off after a period of about 30 seconds, this horizon, it is recommended to shorten the necessary time. Also, the background screen, or its color scheme can reduce the amount of energy in the cell. Generally, dark wallpaper conserves battery power more than light, "advises Tlapak.

Why conserve battery?

Conventional batteries in smartphones last about 500 charge cycles, then begin its properties deteriorate. Assuming smartphone charging every day, the battery will last fully operational less than a year and a half, then for the proper functioning of the phone usually necessary to get a new one. If you uninstall all of the above application and you follow the recommended rules regarding the use of the screen, extend the time between charging cycles and thus extend the lifespan of the battery itself.

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