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Asteroid Android in the fall again!

Duo Jan and Tomas Pospisil Konůpka prepare for their project Android Asteroid 2017 new album. Their latest recording Icarus appeared on the shelves in December 2014, and subsequently garnered positive responses both at home and abroad.

This year, the song Illusionist appeared at two compilations. Italian label RNC her Music Factory ranked Lounge vol.3 now and before the end of the song also received the Japanese selection Sensual - Natural Lounge Music Vol.2.

Musicians are creatures who have their cyclic dependencies. One of them is shooting new songs. And when it comes to Android Asteroid so it's a message even more enjoyable. Jack told us what to prepare with Tomas. "The new board AA will shoot next year in Prague. In the box we had a good half and it is already clear that it will be similar Ikari just a little. More Instrumental galaktovýletů, more tenderness devadesátkového hip-hop, rapping lyrics in substitution ciphers, which addresses forest deities into the rhythm of walking on freshly fallen powder. It may be rougher and quicker largely than the previous plate. We would like to cooperate with old Pardal from Abbey Road, and would like to address a couple of other interesting characters. Along with music, working on a new clip, so we already had before the release of at least one to fire into the world. "
Video from Abbey Road

Android asteroid was part of the project, David Koller and Friends. If you are going to have some other similar musical journey or the cachet and David Koller zahostuje new album Android, wants Honza and Tomas now even reveal. "Working with project David Koller and Friends was exceptional. We received several interesting offers similar trips, but some of it was not possible to catch and others realize. That's more valuable is our project with David Koller. It would be nice to reach him in connection with a new album, but we can not say that about him, some of the demos downright she said. This must always stand alone intervention of chance, fate, force majeure. we're not saying the song to be a butcher, because now we have the ax. When he wants to be an astronaut, it must come by rocket, and so are the names of other potential guests still a secret for us. "

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