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Tricks and tips that can save energy costs

The long nights and cold weather have a big impact on our lifestyle. At home, we begin more heat inside, we spend much more time than outdoors. Fall and winter are coming, therefore, a good opportunity to beautify your home environment, interior decor and accessories, which can also save on heating. How do you create a sense of comfortable and warm home without increased resources for heat?

Keep the heat from the feet

For a sense of warmth and comfort it is not necessary now to turn taps, radiators or raise the thermostat. According to experts, the right interior evoke a feeling from the first sight. Ideal options include rugs and carpets that not only evoke the impression of coziness, but also ensure that the feet go cold. It's worth especially where we spend a lot of time, therefore, for example, in the living room under the bed in the bedroom, children's room in the middle or below the dining table.

Dial warm colors and lighting

Other factors that give the impression of coziness, the color and lighting. Properly selected colors will ensure that the room will cause warmer. It is not necessary to paint the walls of rooms, for example, sufficient to equip furniture cushions, seat cushions and bedspreads in a warm palette of colors. According to psychologists brown color gives a sense of security. Use beige and orange tones in the rooms can induce a feeling of closeness and warmth. It also pays to invest in lighting and make such bulbs that diffuse soft light and give a feeling when illuminated insulated space.

It is important to cover up windows

For higher thermal comfort it is also important to avoid heat loss, which most often occurs through windows and doors. Therefore an ideal complement to modern curtains or blinds as the blinds or shutters. Besides design function, these accessories considerable thermal properties. Front window blinds to prevent heat loss and naturally regulate the temperature in the house. "Quality shading technology today reduces heat loss, making the winter months can reduce heating costs by up to 10%," says Lubomír Valenta (Lomax).

Streamline heat from the radiators

The internal temperature can also regulate the correct positioning of furniture that ensures adequate dissipation of heat from the radiators into the room. Before the radiator should be enough space to any sofa or cabinet not block heat output. Over a radiator, on the contrary, try to attach a stylish shelf or library. This will prevent the heat rising up to the ceiling. As a result, warm air is better spread in the room. On the wall behind the radiator also can buy the film, which will ensure that the heat is reflected back into the living space.

Standby blankets all around

In the Nordic countries, where they are accustomed to the cold even more than in our country, it is customary not overheat the room heating, but I prefer to take on a sweater or another layer of clothing. For those who do not like to go threading, and also do not want to pay for overheating apartment is ideal use of quilts and blankets. In this case, suited to each guest room deploy warm blanket, to which they can occasionally wrap. In addition to practical functions may by their colors and patterns also revitalize the interior and give an airy feel warm and comfortable.

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