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Masturbation relationship thrives

People who live in a relationship, masturbate ten times a month on average. According to the latest research from Tenga. According to experts, masturbation relationship thrives. By helping develop a relationship and a healthy approach to sexuality. While every third man masturbation is a celebrity, almost a quarter of women involves the use of sex toys.

The latest survey conducted by Tenga revealed that people who do not have a stable partner or girlfriend, masturbating average sixteen month. Then people entering this business for about ten times a month. Masturbation indulges 95% of men and 81% of women, and men, on average fifteen women and eight times a month.

Women use sex toys 16 times more often than men

Exploration company We-Vibe showed that every third man indulges in masturbation with the idea of ​​one of the female celebrities. Male celebrities again play a major role in the imagination of one of the five women. Approximately 62% of people during masturbation also established their own habits. Up to 91% of men and 67% women watching erotic movies, 22% of women and 5% of men regularly use erotic toys, while the women to sixteen times more often than men. "Among men, the demand especially after artificial vaginách, bibs and masturbation masturbator. For women traditionally interested vibrators, dildos and vibrating bow. If people decide to proceed with the mutual masturbation in pairs, come often for vibrators, vibrating egg, Love Balls, finger cots or erotic massage oils, "says Adam Durčák (Pink Elephant). Recently, in addition, according to him, people are experimenting with new technologies, such as vibrators controlled via mobile phone.

Masturbation beneficial relationship, but partners

Masturbation in the relationship is beneficial, according to experts. By helping to develop a relationship and may be an alternative if one partner does not want to have sex. "Research confirms that they have more sex partners, the more they also masturbate. Masturbation in a relationship so do not worry. But it must not prevail over common masturbation sex, because it leads to dissatisfaction of one of the partners. There is a need to talk about the problem and start looking for solutions, "advises Alex Hrouzková, relational counselor and psychologist (MyLife Studio).

Masturbation has positive effects not only on the relationship, but also to themselves partners. Those due to her developing a healthy and responsible approach to sexuality. While women through masturbation recognize their body, they awaken desire, build self-esteem, men need to satisfy sexual discharge and are in masturbation release from stress. Stress Relief is, according to a study by We-Vibe reason masturbation for 76% of the people. "When masturbation prefers private bedrooms, eight out of ten people. Approximately 20% of men and 19% of women are engaged in masturbation areas of their car, "said Adam Durčák.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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