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Milos Babiš: stop množírny dogs will notify the breeding and chipping?

At Christmas time full of gifts hunting when one of the gifts can also be a new canine member of the family, we should recall that in our country there is still a big problem - množírny. Why such a theme nepřívětivým coming just before Christmas? Because right to buy a gift in the form of a canine friend are closely related.

In getting such a gift we should carefully watch what breed of puppy comes. If this will drive more of us will have množírny who sell puppies. While also protecting themselves and their families from the difficulties that may be of animal množírny occur, and that warn breeders and veterinarians. This is particularly the greater susceptibility to disease or congenital defect, and then the related costs of treatment, but as we all know well from their surroundings especially great suffering for the animal and family.

Besides the above mentioned "action" on the part of individuals, there are also proposals for legislative instruments that should prevent this type of business. The first of them, which is part of this new Veterinary Act, the notification obligation. Currently, they have an obligation to announce the launch of livestock for hobby purposes Regional Veterinary Administration persons with trade license. Those who do not have a business license, subject to the law and thus no controls. It is therefore intended that those who behave in a greater amount of females breeding had to report the Regional Veterinary Administration. Plenty for the purposes of the Act meant 5 or more animals. Recording and monitoring herds should ensure appropriate conditions for the animals and greater certainty for potential buyers.

The second, and in my opinion no less important instrument can be chipped dogs. Chipped in this moment is not legally required. They may order the municipality, which then recorded the animals in their registry. Somewhere an obligation chipped true, sometimes not. And while there are several unconnected registers. Chipped and in cases largely meaningless.

The introduction of this obligation fully the law, ie compulsory Chip each dog and it has been recorded in a single register would facilitate not only the discovery of a lost, but the instrument could also extremely difficult conditions for so-called. Breeder. Now it had benefited from the fact that in our dogs not marked, and are not nearly so no problem exporting them abroad. It would also be easy to trace the owner in case of suspicion of cruelty to an animal. Every dog ​​should simply attributable to the owner. It sounds unnecessarily, but currently this is not the reality. In the event that animals should not be chipped, the owner would have to face monetary penalties.

Both tools are to me the right way to confront the phenomenon množíren that in our spread uncontrollably. We do not want to be further množírnou dogs for the whole of Europe. One thing is not to buy dogs from množíren, the second is to control the breeding of dogs and prevent today basically legal farming with a totally unsuitable conditions. The latter, we can change the appropriate legislation, we must first change alone.

Author: Miloš Babis, Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic.

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