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Preparations for Christmas: 7 tips to relieve body and soul

Christmas are stressful period not only for our wallets, but also for health. We buy gifts, bake cookies, intensely tidy and quiet room and we can only dream of. However, if you inspire our advice, maybe you can do and you will spend the whole holidays better and easier.

Sad and exhausting

We wish each other a happy and peaceful Christmas. Christmas rush, however, reliably changing this desire in platitudes. Instead festive atmosphere experienced by many people restlessness, sadness, disappointment, frustration and fatigue. The source of the problems are exaggerated expectations associated with organizing family parties, buying gifts and preparing other necessities. Persons with diabetes affects mood swings and depression more often than individuals without diabetes. If one adds to the stress associated with the arrival of the Christmas holidays, there may be a big problem. The stress response is naturally increases blood sugar, so diabetics and can cause both psychological and physical problems. So how do you manage everything okay?

Happy "seven"

Do not exaggerated expectations. Each of us would like at least once to experience a perfect Christmas. Rarely, however, it is perfect. So do not despair if you're not pleased with your loved ones a gift or prepared food is not flawless. Think first of all that the holidays you spend with the people you love.
Do not buy at the last minute.
Shopping centers are traditionally filled to overflowing, online stores again prosecute timely execute an infinite number of orders. Do not leave shopping to the last week of Advent and instead try to get everything in advance.
Do not spoil the mood. Your loved ones can not arrive for the holidays? Not at wash windows and clean up everything perfectly? Nebazírujte on small things and prefer to savor the atmosphere of Christmas.
The overeaten. Potato salad, fried steak, fish soup, candy. Good food belongs to this period. However, if you suffer from diabetes , watch your daily calorie intake. You can taste from everything, but in small portions.
Find time to exercise. Although the cold weather and the couch will encourage you to watch TV, pay even move. You just need to go on a daily 30-minute stroll.
Take a break. In the hectic period often you do not know where you stand head. Try, therefore, every day at least to switch off and relax.
Hold sugar under control. Unfortunately, diabetes does not accept holidays. Throughout the holidays will always be with you, because do not forget to regularly check blood glucose .

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