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The literati of our district will focus on "Besik" Vaclav Havel

"Mysterious Besic" Vaclav Havel is the topic of continuing the cycle of letters from our neighborhood, which is a guide to life stories of writers who were born, lived, died or otherwise worked mainly in Prague 6. Already today, ie Thursday 15 December, will Dejvické in Ville Pellé debate not only about nostalgia for writing, which experienced writer Vaclav Havel as president.

About his view of Leaving will share Havel's fellow playwright and politician Milan Uhde, psychologist, translator and diplomat, current director of the Vaclav Havel Library Michael Žantovský, writer and publicist Ed Kriseová, theater director, court stage director Havel's plays Andrej Krob or actress Zuzana Stivínová Representative Irena Radok staging of Leaving. Discussion evening from 18 pm moderated by Petr Vizina.

Vaclav Havel was an extraordinary politician, precisely because the policy was not the main field. This was literature, especially the essays and drama. Although after thirteen years dealt mainly with the creation of a functioning democratic state, its creative "Besic" certainly did not abandon him. Even when writing speeches, articles, instructions, interviews, toasts or saluting to give up their distinctive language and efforts to ensure the accuracy of the wording. The writing and returned in 2005, when the supposedly lost manuscript Leaving found his secretary Anna Freimanová. His next genesis will be a key theme of the show.

The topic of the evening defined concisely Vaclav Havel himself: "As ever yet I will continue to sit down at an empty paper in disgust, I'll be writing all kinds of ways to avoid, I will permanently scare first words on it appear, and artificially deliver to writing courage, I despairing about how I'm not - yet ultimately always a game to write: mysterious Besic me who did this to torment me concocted a room had probably never be and always eventually reach his. "

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