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Christmas concert band Scooter renowned DJs liven Czech clubs

The popular German band Scooter finally declassified DJs warm up their fans at a forthcoming concert in Karlovy Vary. The time will come when the world-renowned group of delight in a unique Christmas concert of Czech audience, already can count on the clock ...

Special guests for the evening, while the band will support act Peep DJ and DJ Richie. Both of these have years of experience in dance and club music and DJ alias Peter Jirges Peep belongs to legendary DJs Carlsbad clubs. How DJs manage to dance to the crowd before the concert, you can come to convince December 16th from 18 hours to Karlovy Vary KV Arena.

Arena gates will open to fans in 18 hours. Guests will then start his sets at 18:30 and Scooter enters the scene in about 20 hours. After the end of performances waiting for the dancing audience a great afterparty, which will run until midnight.

Peep DJ moves on the dance scene for a number of years. It all started in 1993, it has since passed a couple of years, and as he did, even changed the music we played. Since the beginnings of which were commercial mixed bag, gradually found their way to the dance and club music, which she prefers. During his career he got to many cities in the Czech Republic, he was replaced by countless clubs, bars and discos, which is still trying to entertain visitors in style.

DJ Richie has more than twenty-year career, which began at the DISCO and gradually switched to techno and contemporary house music in all its forms. ,, Music is my destiny, drug and brought a lot of self-denial, but the joy transmit it to people is indescribable, "he says about his work DJ Richie, who played for the entire top clubs in the Czech Republic and beyond. There is also home to the biggest festivals, for example, you could hear him on the open-air festival Mácháč. Since 2014 is the host of the radio, which actively goes Live party.

And what they say DJs that were chosen for this occasion: ,, We want to play songs from the early '90s in the new design. Hits that were played back then, interspersed with new songs, all in the dance, rhythm today. We assume that the action will be many people for whom this was the time of their youth, and just create the atmosphere of that time will be our goal. "

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