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Secrets of successful treatment of cholesterol

High blood cholesterol is a silent killer. Often it appears to attack or stroke. These unfortunate consequences of each of us can avoid, if it becomes more concerned about their health and follow advice of experts.

Needless to say, that excess cholesterol in the blood causes disease heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common reason for the demise of the United States and Europe. Also, the Czech Republic remain the heart and vascular diseases tops the list of causes of death.

Without the efforts are not results

Pleasing is that lowering cholesterol can be achieved by reduction in the risk of heart disease and stroke. People with cardiovascular diseases who regularly visit your doctor and adhere to treatment, enjoying better health than those who shun professional examinations. The key is therefore cooperation between patient and doctor. They are a team whose goal is the health of the heart and blood vessels. Doctors regularly investigates and on the basis of their expertise selects the best method of treatment and recommend lifestyle changes. It may also prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs called. Statins. The effort of all measures is to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke to a minimum. The task of the patient is then faithfully adhere to these measures.

Four tips leading to health

Change lifestyle. Cholesterol negatively affecting among other things, poor diet, obesity, low physical activity and smoking .
Follow a regular routine. Any new measures taken must be permanent, as well as the use of medications. Make sure you have instructions for taking pills correctly understood. In the event of any discrepancies as soon as possible, contact your doctor. Disregard for the prescribed regimen, the treatment will not work and your health is threatened.
Investigate fats. It's good to know which fats raise LDL, or "bad" cholesterol and which are not. Visiting called. Dietician, a person specially trained in nutrition, is one of the ways to know. Of course you can also read technical books on the subject or find information on the Internet.
Look for healthy recipes. Create your own eating plan. Locate recipes that contain cholesterol-lowering foods themselves some of the culinary delights prepared. You will enjoy and at the same time do something for your health.

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