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Do you know what and how to properly supplementary feeding birds in winter?

Winter is here again and it is high time to prepare feeder for small singers who remain with us through the winter. Observing and feeding birds is dedicated to more people, but not everyone knows what the birds in winter prefer and what is in any case not the feeders. According to experts from the Moravian Ornithological Society feeders can watch up to 30 species of birds.

In the winter feeding of birds it is important to have a sufficiently large canopy feeder, to him it was not raining and prepared food nevlhla and moldy. Feeder must be cleaned of food debris. Sometimes it is good to be disinfected with vinegar, for example, using a sprayer. After drying, disinfection with him can put bird food.

What to feed birds in winter?

Most of our birds are her favorite sunflower seeds and shelled nuts. The stores sold mixes for winter feeding of birds contain different kinds of seeds, but part of them remain in krmítcích unused. Therefore it is better to use only sunflower seeds, and sometimes For example, add a little poppy, flax, millet, rape, wheat, hulled oats or remnants of shelled nuts.

Kosi Fieldfares Waxwings and they prefer apples or dried fruit berries. They are good to hang on tree branches near a feeder. Spotted, brhlíci and tits are very fond of suet or fat spheres. Where are the most frequent visitors to bird feeders field sparrows and house sparrows, so they can augment crumbs of white bread. But it must not be salted, salt is harmful to small birds, and it is therefore necessary before grating rolls salt thoroughly odrolit. In any case, the feeders are not bread and scraps of food from the kitchen.

How many species of birds you observed in your feeders?

The most frequent visitors are feeder Great Tit and Blue Tit, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Tree Sparrow and Blackbird. Occasionally at the feeders and in their surroundings and appear čížci forest, goldfinches, Coal Tit, marsh tit, nuthatch, Brambling, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Hawfinch, Fieldfare, Redwing, robin, wren and the great spotted woodpecker. For the rarest and most beautiful jewel feeders bird conservationists consider waxwing north or redpoll.

Uninvited guests feeders happen sometimes feral pigeons home, collared dove, magpie or ravens and jackdaws. Small birds sometimes rattles curious kestrel or sparrow hawk's sweeps, but these birds belong to our winter nature.

If you are unsure what bird species appearing on your feeder, then unknown visitors can take photos, draw or a good description and an inquiry into the Moravian Ornithological Society in Prerov on e-mail: [email protected]. Ornithologists are pleased to help with the determination.


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