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For unused europalety can get up to 150 crowns apiece, the problem is with transportation

Together with the ordered construction material arrives at the purchaser also considerable quantities of pallets. Then comes the problem of what to do with them. In some cases, reverse repurchase contractor, but it is thought to produce a number of different products. Now to the other solutions are resorting most people, because transporting pallets to the place of purchase plants is problematic, and the cost of transporting often exceed those pallets.

Europalety work similarly returnable bottles

Wooden pallets, the production of indicate in detail the standards of the European Union and which generally became known under the name of pallets are created to meet the needs of rail transport. Soon after, they found application in other areas of logistics and their use has expanded well into the storage sector or trade. When loading goods is able to save more than 10% of the time. They are widely used today, such as in construction, because kidnap about 2 tons of cargo. Yet few know how pallets, no longer needs to handle. This leads often to the fact that people do leave a large store front, gardens, garages or basements where gradually moisten and become unusable below.

Euro pallets while they work like returnable bottles. You can return them directly to suppliers, with which you have ordered a building material or in výkupnách. "If the pallets are made for repeated use, subject to the refundable deposit, which is about 150 crowns apiece. But price fluctuates depending on the wear of the pallet. Bright palette without firing a brand manufacturer for example, have a higher price than the dark. Purchase is also limited in time and generally pays only two months from the purchase of building materials, "says Tomas Viktořík (

Transportation pallets is problematic

Few vendors, however, offer reverse transport of pallets and, if so, then high charges. Therefore, most customers must arrange transport yourself, which often brings with it difficulties. Take away pallets of construction site It may be time consuming and costly. If the headquarters of the supplier or purchase plants located far away, usually the path and therefore not returning pallets in terms of money paid. In addition, it is also necessary to have a vehicle with sufficient space and technical characteristics for transporting pallets. The latter have a standardized area of ​​0.96 meters square and dimension of 120 x 80 x 14.4 cm. En extra weight is from 20 to 30 kg depending on the wood moisture. "This situation can be avoided by ensuring that the suppliers of building materials you choose the one that resides in your vicinity. So if you are ordering material, which is expected to import Europaletes, headquarters should be one of the key criteria for selecting a vendor, "explains Thomas Viktořík.

Of the pallets can be manufactured furniture, garden and stairs

Original function pallets replaced by the new, decorative. Today there is a widespread trend of unused pallets produce original home furnishings and garden. Due to its versatility europalety often used as material for the production of various furniture, whether it is a bed, coffee tables, desks or even a shoe rack. Dexterous handymen from pallets produced even more challenging pieces of equipment, such as a closet or a sofa. Surface pallets can also easily adjust the various products that provide them not only look nicer, but also last longer. With Europallets see today also as office furniture or equipment of restaurants, bars and cafes. With a little imagination one can create an interesting staircase. Euro pallets can also serve as a miniature garden, for example, a box filled with herbs and ornamental plants, garden furniture, swing for children, or even a garden shed for storage of gardening tools.

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