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Avoid problems in the billing of energy consumption

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. This adage is especially true in cases when it comes to money. Because the consumption of electricity and gas applies to almost all consumers and often brings worries, it pays to be clear about the process and energy bills collected in the rights that belong to consumers.

The basics are known - if you remove the gas or electricity is needed to charge your consumption and then settle any underpayments or overpayments of advance payments. The basis for billing is reading from the meter or gas meter that performs distributor or samoodečet carried out by the consumer. In some cases the consumption determined estimate. "Statement consumption of electricity or gas is usually carried out once a year, unless other agreed settlement period. In addition to this the proper billing, you can ask the course of the accounting period, as well as an extraordinary statement, but is charged, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest, adding:" The transition to a new supplier you the current exhibition called the final bill. "

Even the consumer has his duties. Mainly to enable the distributor access to the meter or gas meter. When reading a worker distributor writes among other status gauges, gauge number, its type and the name of the customer. Checks and state seal. "The readings should be informed in advance. However, it should be on our guard. Sometimes you can be encountered by a worker distributor issued peddler, who will offer a new contract for the supply of energy. An employee of the distributor should you have to show an identity card and service, "says Luke Green.

If the consumer fails to provide synergy to take the reading or within the time limit does not samoodečet determines the estimated consumption. Determining the estimate is also typically performed when changing supplier. "Distributor is authorized to perform an estimated consumption based on the law and the manner prescribed by law, which means that the assumed consumption. The consumer may thus made billing course to complain. The claim should be accompanied by photocopies of the state of meters, "says Green.

Details regarding the submission of the complaint against the bill usually found in business conditions that attach to your contract for the supply of energy. They also often mentioned period, in which the bill can be claimed, for example, 30 or 90 days from the receipt of the bill.
Check the meter reading should, however, consumers kept because of possible damage and the consequent risk of black subscription. "If damage is detected or damage to the meter or meter is a supplier may determine consumption according technically possible power at the supply point. Ultimately, the consumer can also pay jedenáctinásobek actual consumption, "says Green.

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