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Heating air conditioning is attractive, but also has its drawbacks

Interior heating using air conditioning is lately quite attractive. But it has its drawbacks. The air conditioner causes improper temperature profile in the room where the ceiling is considerably higher than the temperature of the floor. Thermal comfort and also reduces the air flow from the indoor unit. We have for you a couple of tips on what you put in heating the interior through air beware.

Choose a suitable air conditioner

So that the air conditioner cost-effective fashion, it is advisable to look for a facility that meets the conditions energy class A ++, at least for cooling and at least A + for heating. Very important criterion is also the power and noise. Air conditioning, heating performance with decreasing outdoor temperature drops, so it has to be reckoned with. Too noisy equipment, then its operation rather obtrusive.

Do not underestimate maintenance

Thanks to the built-in filters used properly it can also purify the air conditioning in the room. However, beware of proper maintenance. "With air conditioning manufacturers recommend periodically cleaning the filter. Otherwise there is a risk of spreading bacteria and dust, "describes the need for ongoing maintenance of the air conditioner Ivo Zabloudil (ENBRA). "Compared with conventional heating technology are conditioned by more frequent maintenance requirements, even though it's mostly just a routine cleaning filter," said Ivo Zabloudil.

Beware of indoor air quality

While heating, air-conditioning units, which have installed fresh outside air into the interior, it is also necessary to properly ventilate. In this case it is good, as with other heating methods, several times a day room briefly but intensely ventilate. The advantage of using heating air is then rapid heating of the air. The warm air from the indoor unit is available immediately after switching, and hence immediately after airing. Many devices are also equipped with the short-term rapid heating.

Airflow reduces thermal comfort

The problem with air-heating can be airflow from the fan in the indoor unit. This can greatly reduce the user's comfort in the interior. "Warm air is additionally collects at the ceiling while cold air keeps the ground. The proportion of radiant component in this method of heating is also very low. For these reasons, it is necessary to heat more than those of conventional heating technologies, "said Ivo Zabloudil. Air conditioning has its advantages, but also disadvantages, which should carefully consider each candidate. An interesting option can pose its use as a quick supplementary heat source,

Advantages and disadvantages of using air heater

+ Relatively low price
+ Fast heating of the interior air
+ Awash in the winter, and in summer the radiator
- Airflow reduces user comfort
- Poor air temperature stratification (hot sticks to the ceiling)
- Claims for ongoing maintenance - the need for filter cleaning
- Noise

Source: tz, editorially modified

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