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You win over addiction? At Christmas, be careful

The turn of the year represents a considerable burden on the psyche of many of us. Especially risky is the time for individuals struggling with addiction. The danger of re succumbing to the drug at Christmas is higher than ever. With good preparation but you can survive without injury and loss positions.

Family "idyll"

For Christmas is a typical family gathering. Dependence as such, but family relationships are often significantly disrupted. Aching topics can then be opened just at the moment when the relatives after a long time come together at the Christmas table. Disruption stemming from annoying conversations, reproaches and criticism in turn can lead to the dreaded relapse. To do that but during the holidays far away, those who are with the family because of his addiction broke ties completely. In this case, can lead to failure to feelings of loneliness, guilt and isolation. Finally, it is risky and reunions with relatives who themselves have some form of addiction sufferers.

Play theater

If successfully struggling with addiction, you need at Christmas time to prepare in advance. Themselves know best what you can expect from my family. Some relatives are overly critical, others liked to pull embarrassing stories from the past, others you may have to use addictive substances themselves say. Certain types of situations, it is possible to practice beforehand. If you have your therapist or someone close alongside you is, ask them on matches played improvised theatrical sketches. During this, practice different responses and reactions which of risky situations easily and confidently vybruslíte.

dangerous loneliness

If you were left alone and no one to spend Christmas, try to avoid boredom. Plan in advance what the holidays fill. There are many possibilities, from "movie day" spent in your pajamas to help others within the charity event.

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