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How overwhelm angina? And helps nature

Tonsillitis, or inflammation of the tonsils is certainly not to be underestimated. We have natural tips that can help and support your immune system to fight the disease.

Not only angina, it is important not to play the hero and relax. Energy drawn up from a long sleep and rigorous stress reduction helps to faster and more efficient recovery. Good is also thoroughly ventilated, and not forgetting to humidify the air, which is especially useful for the relief of pain and sore throat.

A big part of the eradication process consists of foods that (only) during the illness consume. Semis are totally inappropriate and any raw materials and food of poor quality, large quantities of animal products and gluten and sweets. Be careful also to dairy products, which can particularly during the period of illness function as an allergen.

To determine food allergy elimination diet is used - ie adjustment of diet avoiding problematic ingredients. "In an elimination diet is a good idea to write down what you discarded when you included what resources back and possibly manifesting symptoms," says principal nutrition consultant Vera Burešová (Naturhouse). Following should check and consultation with a specialist, allergist or immunologist.

On the contrary, the menu shift broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, blueberries, foods with omega-3 fatty acids, virgin oil, coconut oil, ginger, turmeric, garlic, nuts and seeds. "For example peeled hemp seed is rich in essential fatty acids, including omega-3 that support the proper functioning of the whole organism. They are suitable not only for treatment but also prevention of many diseases, including angina, "explains George STABLE hemp pharmacies.

Herbs and plenty of fluids

The main symptoms of angina pain in the throat and difficulty in swallowing, swollen tonsils with yellow-white or greyish-white coating, headache, joints, muscles, fever, general fatigue. When registering one of the symptoms must see a doctor to determine the correct diagnosis and the origin of the disease. Antibiotics for treatment are needed when it is a bacterial origin of the disease.

Unpleasant sore throat that accompanies tonsillitis, helping to dampen mostly lukewarm liquid. Water or herbal infusions and teas are used for colds, fever and tonsillitis ideal companion.
"Sore throat and joints, are symptoms that accompany angina. These pains can be prevented or reduced by taking herbal decoction must hemp leaves, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Prepare potting teaspoons 250 ml of boiling water and allow to steep for 10 minutes, "says Lenka Čejková, general nurse (Carun Pharmacy).

Also very suitable complement is hemp syrup hippophae that supports the immune system is enhanced by the apple concentrate and sea buckthorn, which has plenty of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, K and P, minerals and trace elements.
"The joint pain is advisable to use hemp cream, which can also be used to wrap Priessnitz, to relieve pain in the neck," adds Čejková.

Good hydration is important for healing as well as the rest, so do not neglect it. Also sucking ice or drink very cold beverages helps, however, another way - reduce swelling, so it depends on you, what you are comfortable. Omit too hot, sweet, sour and fizzy drinks that irritate the patient's throat. During her illness and the use of a gargle to help relieve pain and inflammation itself. For gargling with salt water only to dissolve one teaspoon in 250 ml of lukewarm water, infusion of fennel and licorice check before using cool to room temperature.

immunity support

If you want to avoid another wave of angina, begin to build their immunity today. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, herbs, spices ... All this supports the immune system that we can defend well against unpleasant viral and bacterial diseases. "Herbal infusions are not the only options for immune support. Green tea contains antioxidants that protect us while supporting the proper functioning of the immune system, "explains Petr Patocka (Tea flower, Ltd.)," Japanese matcha tea is compared with other green teas unique in the amount of health beneficial substances. Notably content of catechins, which have in health care is becoming increasingly important. "

Source: tz, editorially modified

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