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Sexual Trends in 2017

In the new year trends in sex and erotic aids mainly inspired by modern technologies. On the one hand there are entirely new and unexplored directions, as vibrators controlled remotely via a mobile phone. On the other hand, traditional methods combined with modern methods, which hitherto erotic experiences adding value. An important role is also played practicalities aids. That sexual trends in 2017 and do?

Trends in sex: Sexy emoticons and erotic reading supported vibrations

One of the new trends for the coming year is to send SMS messages or in online communicator accompanied sexy emoticons. Therefore, if you want to give a partner or partner know that you have a taste for sex, graphic depictions of sex emoticons are available on a mobile platform called Android "Dirty Emojis HD" and iOS called "Sexymojis". Another trend books with erotic theme complemented by modern technologies. The revolutionary concept of erotic e-books connected with smart vibrator one of the top trends of 2017. In the course of reading by touching the screen reader automatically launches a device called "The Little Bird", giving you more intense sensory reading experience.

Trends in erotic toys: Vibrator operated mobile

Also in the field of sex toys come to the fore those that offer added value. The increased popularity of enjoying erotic toys, which will make a long distance relationship. Available as vibrators that can be controlled through the phone from anywhere in the world. "Smart vibrators can be operated using a mobile phone, where painting your finger across the screen, users draw their own frequency curve of each of the three engines that are installed on the device. The advantage is also gyroskopová technology that helps stabilize vibration or vibration control the rhythm of the music, "says Adam Durčák (Pink Elephant).

Also popular are wireless products for remote control, the control of the partners abandoning each other. In addition, popular rechargeable devices through a USB port, which saved money for buying batteries and are for many people a more discreet solution. Now the practical aspects of sex toys will play a significant role in 2017. According to the magazine Popsugar must be erotic flexible, waterproof, with intuitive controls, magnetic USB charging, sophisticated design and discreet packaging. "Demand is now also for toys that actually do not look like sex toys. More like a fashion accessory or embellishment design, which can be issued on a shelf in the bedroom. These include vibrators, which have not imitate men's genitals, but they look more like a futuristic decoration character from a fairy tale or a lipstick, "says Durčák.

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