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Six tips for a quiet holiday in Thailand

The well-being without health complications and problems with authorities must take great pains every tourist. If you set out to Thailand, it is advisable to arrange a few things before leaving. A summary of the most important tasks, plus a few tips also offer the following lines.

Only the first vaccination

Vaccination against hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever are against the base. But look into vaccination certificate also date of last vaccination against tetanus - is needed to make it valid. Under consideration is also protection against meningococcal or pneumococcal infections. If you move the more remote areas of Thailand, is also suitable vaccination against rabies and Japanese encephalitis. The best combination Consult a physician in the heart of Travel Medicine.

Hygiene second to first place

Travellers' diarrhea is not uncommon in Thailand. So rather buy a thermally modified food. Very important is adherence to basic hygiene rules: drinking bottled water and its use even when brushing your teeth and washing fruit, and also the consumption of beverages without ice.

Third kit in reach

In a suitcase or backpack always rank first aid kit. In addition to the medicines you take regularly into her pack plenty of preparations helping with diarrhea and probiotics to aid digestion. Should not miss medicines for pain and fever, insect repellent, antibacterial gel, disinfection and sterile dressing materials.

4. Travel insurance is essential

Necessity is obviously a quality assurance sufficiently high indemnity limits. Without insurance to Thailand do not travel at all, because of the amount of treatment can climb into the thousands. If you did not have to pay, either you never get help, or you will be required to pay before leaving the country. And this is a huge complication.

5. Warning on blackmailer in rentals

Travelers in Thailand often lend small motorcycles. I motoring experience but this may change in a very problematic situation. Establishments often require high amounts for alleged damage to the machine, although you are returning to the same state it was found in. Borrowing therefore carefully Nafoťte, or even rotate the video to have in the event of a dispute, there is evidence.

6. Carefully nature

Thailand is rich in natural beauty which offers unforgettable experiences. Even in reserves, but the need to respect safety rules. For example, faced with the aggressive creatures, it is better to hide or try to intimidate harmlessly. If you hurt any animals, local authorities can severely punish you.

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