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Nine tips on how to make dry skin in the winter goodbye

During the winter often we suffer reddened and itchy skin. The reason is a reduced humidity, both outdoors and in heated areas. Dry skin but can be a springboard for further complications. It is therefore necessary to take appropriate action.

Key to softness

Moisturizers that nourish the top layer of the skin and keeps it moisturized, are the first step in the fight against dry skin. They include the following three basic ingredients:
humectants, which attract moisture, e.g. ceramides, glycerin, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid or lecithin
substances retaining moisture in the skin, to which evaporated petrolatum, silicone, lanolin or mineral oil,
substance filling the spaces between skin cells - keep the skin soft and inter alia, of linoleic acid, linolenic acid and lauric acid.
The cream is greasy and apply the thicker layer, the better the effects are.

Beautiful in winter

If you do not have the cold months of dry skin, try our advice and recommendations.
Get a humidifier. Approximately 60% humidity should be sufficient for hydration of the skin.
Take a shower only 5-10 minutes a day. Frequent bathing can wash away too much oil layer of the skin and cause a reduction in its hydration.
Limit the use soaps dry out the skin. Especially products containing alcohol.
Avoid brushes and washcloths. The skin can be damaged as well as in scrubbing towel.
Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing and washing hands. To complete the spaces between skin cells and keep the moisture inside.
Always rub lotion on her hands. To reduce skin feeling greasy.
Never rub your skin.
Use a skin-friendly detergents.
They should be fragrance free. Avoid also softener.
Choose the fabric carefully. Do not take anything, irritable, such as wool.

Could be worse

Dry skin is usually not a major health problem. Even so, it can cause complications such as the development of chronic eczema and bleeding from the skin cracks. Add may also bacterial infection damaged skin which requires treatment with antibiotics . If any of these problems occur, see your doctor. If your skin very dry, the expert also prescribe stronger creams containing lactic acid, urea or corticosteroids. It is also appropriate to exclude other causes of dry skin, such as diabetes, underactive thyroid glands, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

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