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Right attitude. Learn how to properly sit and stand

Sitting, walking or standing around, we spend most of the day. Therefore, it is important to do these activities properly. She can do every little kid? Wrong, not so fast.

What is the right attitude?

Not everyone is able to stand properly. The most common mistake is that hunch, we have a bad possession of arms or head. Correct posture is yet enormously important because:
maintains bones and joints in such a mutual position that the correct muscles involved,
It helps to reduce wear of joints and inhibit the formation of inflammation in the joints,
reducing the load on ligaments in the spine,
precedes permanent curvature of the spine,
prevents fatigue overload certain muscles, because the right attitude all the muscles are strained evenly,
cancels headaches, back and spine,
contributes to the attractive appearance.

our tips

Imagine that someone at the top of his head tied a cord, which you gently pulls up.
When walking, imagine that you have a book on your head, you do not want to lose. After all - it can train at home. Grab your book and up for it!
Stacie shoulders forward? Your back will thank you and you will be even harder to breathe. Ask someone to give you a patch on his back glued a large letter X from shoulders to hips. Then still pull your shoulder blades together and let the glue strip patch parallel to the ground so as to associate both shoulders. You move patches during the day warns that again slouching!

For a computer at a desk in school ... Sit properly!

I correct seating is quite a science. How to do it?
Gray with a straight back, shoulders, try to gently pull down and slightly backward. The upper part of the buttocks, you should touch the back of the chair.
Spread out your body weight evenly on both sides.
Bend your knees at a right angle. Your knees should be at the same level as the hip or a little higher. If you want to sit properly, put a leg over the other.
The feet should be placed squarely laid on the floor.
If you sit at your desk, sliding close to him. Rest your elbows on the table or chair for props.

Top tips:
If you spend most of the day sitting, invest in an ergonomic chair. This chair provides support to those back in need. Do not sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes. Every half hour stand up and stretch a bit.

Source: Rheumatic

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