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After Christmas sales will not pay off

Czech consumers annually forward to the after-Christmas discounts and sales. But, as the experience and attentive customer survey carried out by supervisory authorities, declared discounts often are no discounts. What is important to remember to "advantageous" purchase later regretted? What to watch out for us because of the discounts really save money?

The Czechs love discounts, and retailers know it. Therefore, some come with discounts before Christmas. Whether customers go into the store at any time, it is good not to succumb to pressure and every purchase carefully considered. Among the sellers are in fact find some who pre-Christmas and post-Christmas "shopping spree" abuse. "There are often false discounts, the retailer price of a product not actually decreases and the word discount 'is used only as a magical incantation inattentive to entice consumers to buy. Some shops while the prices at the time increases, so that it could then be reduced to the original level, and give the difference for a discount. All similar cases falling under the deceptive trade practices and are therefore in violation of the law, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Too shop windows do not believe that to attract the ruins prices and total sales up 80%. When thoroughly look up into the ad, they will often 'before the tiny word "up". Specific goods with such a large discount store is definitely not full and you have more problems to find out what specifically is much reduced.

Attracts a merchant discounts, must always be on the final price of goods and quantification discounts on penny to sit. If you do the numbers on the price tag does not fit, submit a motion to the Czech Trade Inspection. Misleading consumers, the merchant may come in fines quite expensive.

And what is the guarantee for discounted products? You can find a statement that at discounted assortment guarantee does not apply or is limited. "Nothing is impossible, even for goods bought in a sale pays statutory warranty of 24 months," says Green, adding: "An exception is a situation where the product was discounted because of a defect - for a defect, then goods, of course, claim not to any other defects however, the guarantee of the goods applies. The reason for such discounts must be informed customer when buying and this should be confirmed at the receipt. "

Be careful also to the type of action 3 + 1 for free. A trader can in case of a claim to say that a piece of "free" is not covered by warranty. "It is true that the guarantee applies only to goods for which you paid, of course, it is always necessary to determine which piece is by donation. ' If you can not single pieces distinguished from each other, it is only the quantity discount, and you can claim each piece of merchandise separately, "says Green.

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