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India attracts you? Without insurance and vaccinations do not travel!

Exotic spices, bazaars, sacred river Ganga, a massive monument Taj Mahal. This is a mere fraction of what it can offer visitors the most populous country in the world, namely India. Even in this country, however, tourists must have different reasons to beware.

Vaccination is a necessary thing

India is among the countries with low hygienic standards, and the risk of various diseases is therefore relatively high. The basic vaccination for travelers who are planning to visit the Indian subcontinent, are those against the following diseases.
Viral hepatitis A. In India, there is a high risk of infection by this disease. The infection is most often transmitted by contaminated hands, contaminated water and food. Always follow basic hygiene rules and avoid risky activities, such as meals eaten on the street or in restaurants precarious levels.
Viral hepatitis B. The risk of infection with hepatitis B is the high number of carriers in India relatively high. Handing disease is carried through the bloodstream or sexual intercourse. Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B guarantees lifelong protection.
Cholera. Severe diarrhea occurs in certain areas of India. The best protection is to avoid contaminated water and food, thus observe basic hygiene recommendations traveler. But there against cholera vaccination. Carried out with two doses at intervals of 1-6 weeks.
Typhoid. In India, typhoid fever can become infected by ingesting contaminated food or water. The surest way to protect the vaccine, which is administered every three years.
Tetanus. The bacterial infection occurs most often when injuries. This vaccination is part of the compulsory vaccination calendar. Protecting but not continuous, after 10 to 15 years is required to undergo booster. Before departure, which makes it suitable for tetanus check the current force.

Other possible health risks

If you are traveling to India to public transportation, consider vaccination against influenza and meningococcal and pneumococcal infections. Protection against rabies is suitable for people who embark on a long stay in the countryside and remote areas far from medical care. Infection with this disease is always ends in death. Vaccination against Japanese encephalitis is recommended especially during their stay in the country during the rainy season (May to October). The risk of infection by this disease threatens virtually throughout the country. It is similar in the case of malaria, which does not occur only in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kashmir, Sikkim, in urban areas or areas of high altitude (above 2000 m). Before traveling it is so necessary to visit a specialist in travel medicine and to discuss with him the appropriateness of the use of antimalarial prophylaxis.

Caution pays off

Overcrowded and poorly maintained roads lead to many accidents. When traveling overland transport is so necessary caution. Since 2012, the rapidly growing number of rapes, which in some cases also affected tourists from Europe. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cestovatelkám advised to follow local customs in dress, avoiding abandoned sites and if possible not to travel unaccompanied. In places with high concentrations of people, such as the marketplace or train station, it is also advisable not to go - there is a high bombings. The tense situation prevails especially in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The local folklore is street crime and petty theft. Tourists are frequently robbed in cheap hotels, trains or when changing money on the street.

India offers visitors beautiful scenery, ancient monuments, bustling street life and unforgettable culinary experiences. Face averted, the most populous country in the world, however, is the high environmental pollution, food and water, but also a relatively high crime rate. Before traveling it is so necessary to take out travel insurance in case of need to protect your health and personal belongings.

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