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Snowing and there is frost: how to supplementary feeding birds?

Snowing and there is frost: how to supplementary feeding birds? For prolonged frosts or high snow birds to feed and cater to the difficult food offered by people they come in handy. To them, however, really helped and not cause more harm than good, it is good to know a few basic rules, reminiscent of conservationists.

Baked goods brought in by water birds may be moldy, salted, sweet or hard. Alternatively, it must crumble a really small chunks, otherwise injury to the esophagus, explains Zdenek Nezmeškalová of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation. Appropriate than bread, it argues, to offer the birds grain crops - wheat and oats. Or Pet stores buy special granulated mixture for aquatic birds. According to the guardian is not worth much, but they can diet of birds in winter truly enriching.

The indiscriminate feeding, according to CSOP and other risks. In some places, swans fed in such an amount that then are capable of flight, crashing into buildings and causing a serious injury or death. Regular feeding can lead to crowding of birds. Also it can threaten birds, particularly those located in the backwater, which freezes. "It is easier to fall prey to predators, may also lead to from freezing. The greater the concentration of animals, the greater the risk of disease transmission," says Zdenek Nezmeškalová.

For feeding small birds, according to conservationists classical ideal feeder with a roof, where the feed is protected from rainfall. The feeder should also be protected from cats and other predators. Feeder on poles may be provided with a barrier, such as a kind of funnel, through which the feeders can not.

Also for feeders same rules apply for pastries such as when feeding waterfowl. Better than bread, according to defenders of special blends, which are represented by different seeds, cereals, flakes and nuts. Sykora appreciated by them unsalted beef tallow and tallow balls with seeds, which can also be made at home. Kosi again fruits, apples under the feeder to them by The festival can Zdeňky Nezmeškalové whole flock.

According to conservationists is also good to check the status of the birds at a bird flies. "If you notice birds ruffled, apathetic or with wet feathers around the beak, it is probably so. Krmítkovou infection, thus trichomonózu, which is highly contagious among birds, and often fatal," says Zdenek Nezmeškalová. In this case, it argues, need to stop immediately the birds supplementary feeding feeder disinfect, dry and start again using a minimum of 2 weeks. In the case of finding an exhausted or otherwise handicapped bird or other wild animal, people have the option of contacting a rescue station or central dispatching rescue stations on the phone 774 155 155.


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