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Jaroslav Dusek, Jan Budař and Feng-yun Song welcome the Year of the Rooster

Jaroslav Dusek, Jan Budař and Feng-yun Song welcome the Year of the Rooster Two weeks remain until the moment when we bid farewell to the Year of the Monkey, and the government according to Chinese astrology assumes Fire Rooster. For the sixteenth time is a stylish multi-genre festival celebration care

Trinity charismatic presenters Jaroslav Dusek, Jan and Martin Budař Zbrožek carried out between January 26 and February 11 visitors in ten Czech and Moravian towns rich program, which is dominated by music from around the world, dance and original and kind humor.

Each night of the festival is unique and unrepeatable. Feng-yun Song with his jazz trio Trio PUO will present traditional songs of China, the Tibetan plateau and Siberian peoples in original jazz and chanson presentation, Martin Zbrožek sounds of his violin, Vladimir Václavek sings and plays the guitar virtuoso Charis from the steppes of play on the traditional Mongolian morin quur tool. Viewers can also look forward to the ancient legend of the flaming feathers of filing Circus Sacra, the original Indonesian dance ensemble Kintari, didgeridoo orchestra Andrew Smejkal or acoustic trio Dereva.

Varied evening program but is far from the only thing going to the festival for visitors. In each of the cities even before the main concert strike 16 hours, free of so-called open. Pavilion games that kids and adults will offer entertainment full of creativity and relaxation. starts on Thursday January 26 at Pribor, and will continue to Olomouc Theatre on Santovka, Buranteatr Brno and Znojmo Beseda. The second weekend Songfest begins Feb. 2 in Drak Theatre in Hradec Kralove Small, the next day will visit the Písek Malthouse and then to the Municipal Theatre in Czech Krumlov. The final weekend was the first time in Eurocentrum in Jablonec nad Nisou, before heading to New Pilsen JK Tyl Theatre on February 11 and will culminate in Prague Palac Akropolis.

Songfest 2017 - the festival scene

26. 1. 2017 - Silverware / House of Culture
27. 1. 2017 - Olomouc / Theater Santovka
28. 1. 2017 - Brno / Theater Buranteatr
29. 1. 2017 - Znojmo / Znojmo Beseda
2nd 2nd 2017 - Hradec Králové / Drak Theatre
3. 2. 2016 - Sand / Malthouse ops
4. 2. 2016 - Czech Krumlov / Municipal Theatre
8. 2. 2017 - Jablonec nad Nisou / Eurocentrum
9. 2. 2017 - Pilsen / New JK Tyl Theatre - Small Stage
11. 2. 2017 - Prague / Palac Akropolis

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