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How to Know dependent on drugs and where to seek help?

It seems to you that for a long time with your spouse is not something wrong? Rapidly alternating moods complements the natural apathy, unreliability and secrecy is rampant - and you TAPE. Each "symptoms" may well indicate many things, but together provide a picture of addiction.

Clues that could lead to uncovering addiction to painkillers based opiates for your loved one, are as follows.
Problems in employment. The suspect may be a decrease in work performance, wretched tasks, or even losing their jobs for reasons that your partner can not explain.
A decline in interest. Dependence may notify disinterest in things that previously brought pleasure concerned. Typical is the neglect of hobbies, but also friends and family. Addicted often no longer worry about their appearance.
Physical ailments. You can notice withdrawal symptoms when the drug did not manage to get a partner in a timely manner. These include muscle pain, joint pain and headache, abdominal cramps, diarrhea or fever . On the contrary, a sign of ingestion of large quantities of painkillers often slurred speech, drowsiness up a significant downturn. Individual in whose body the circulating substance based on opiates has significantly narrowed pupil.
  Psychological changes . Conspicuous are mood swings. From euphoric states in the context of some kind of being high after ingestion after depression, anxiety, and anxiety over the lack thereof. They can detect changes in behavior. Strong cravings is even cause aggression - even in people calm and balanced nature.
Lost money. If you remarkably fast disappearing funds from the joint account, or even lose valuable items from the apartment, dependence partner may be one reason.

If you've ever more confident that your close suffers from addiction, avoid zbrklých actions and reactions. It is advisable to first seek a specialist dealing with this issue. Advice on how the question arising suspicion confront. Certainly will also help you navigate the topic of addiction and also help clarify treatment options.

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