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Do you feel lonely? Nine tips on how to get out

Only few people enjoying the solitude and the chronically ill are particularly difficult. The solution may be easier than you think.

Do you feel that with all the focus on your physical mailbox, but your feelings nobody cares? It unfortunately happens, even if it is a big mistake. People with multiple sclerosis (and not only with her Have limited contact with friends, it is also difficult for them to find a partner. The feeling of isolation and sadness significantly reduce quality of life and does not indicate any treatment process.

There is a solution!

Overcoming these feelings is not easy. Therefore you inspiration for some tips.
Buy a beast! Well-chosen dog is a true friend and helper. Assist or balance dog may itself pose solve many other problems. Pleased other animals, like a cat, parrot or a rabbit.
Entrust friends. They did not forget you, but maybe they think they do not have the time or mood. Try to speak!
Walk among the people. A member of a support group can become not only at home but also on the Internet. You will find that all around you are living individuals with the same problems and that you can help each other.
Inquire about the problems of their friends.
What if you want to do, but they are even worse?
Ask for help from a psychologist.
Loneliness may be unfounded and consultation in such a case could greatly help.
Read the story of someone who is successfully battling multiple sclerosis and all the difficulties that entails. It's good to have a pattern.
Find a partner. It's easier than you think. Just a little confidence and courage to take the first step.
You have a partner and still feel lonely? Try to visit the partner counseling and put your relationship in order.
Adult children are already out of the house? Contact them more often, especially if they have their own families. Even if you can not stand up for babysitting grandchildren, your presence for them can be very valuable.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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