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Do not allow frost to help destroy the skin. Down with all vices!

Dry and irritated. Such is the skin in winter. It's the cold, but also inappropriate care and all sorts of vices. Pamper stressed skin in accordance with our recommendations. Reward yourself with softness and durability.

Moisturisers give the skin moisture, but use them mainly in summer. In winter choose thicker creams with a higher proportion of wetting agents, such as hyaluronic acid.
Cleansing lotion containing alcohol in the cold months rather discard. Alcohol as well as freeze drying the skin. Dry and irritated spots are then very sensitive and require more intensive care. The skin may also crack.
The long hot shower after returning from winter walks leather appreciate. Hot water disrupts its natural protective layer, it dries out and the skin is then irritated and reddened. That a hot shower in the cold days can not resist? Reduce it for 5 minutes and immediately after showering treat the skin moisturizing products - like those with shea butter.
They like to zachumláte winter sweater? Be careful material selection - the softer, the better. Do not wear a sweater even the finest on the naked body because it can irritate the skin and disrupt. It can easily and detergent residues. After washing, therefore, thoroughly rinse the sweater.

Hands deserve special care

Hands are in the winter exposed to high load. Frost is very dry and do not benefit them nor transitions from winter to overheated interiors and vice versa. Excessive washing with soap without softening ingredients can make a hands swatch of skin problems - appear cracks, stains and flakes. Soaps with glycerin or aloe vera extract are the basis of sound management. Make a habit of regularly using sunscreen greasy and the skin on the hands will remain healthy in the winter and durable.

How do you protect your lips?

Lips have no sebaceous glands, which would help to address this sensitive part of the face naturally moisturize. Their protective layer weakens the cold air, wind and frequent licking in a vain attempt to moisten the tongue. Lips are then irritated, swollen and cracked. To avoid problems by applying regular nourishing balms, which should include protective factor.

Source: U lékař
Author of the article: Mgr. Petra Kováčová

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